USA 2012

FINAL UPDATE November 11 7.00pm GMT

Florida’s votes have been counted and Obama declared the winner.

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Electoral college votes:

  • Obama 332
  • Romney 206

Popular vote

  • Obama 50.51% (61,719,109)
  • Romney 47.87% (58,498,425)

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UPDATE November 7 9.30am GMT

Obama wins, with Florida still to be “called”.

According to  CNN Obama has 303 Electoral college votes v’s Romney’s 206.

Of the 8 so called “Swing States” Obama has won the 7 declared with just Florida to be called.

Excluding Washington DC as a State Obama has won in 25 and Romney 24.

Florida votes with 96% counted stand at Obama 4,129,360 Romney 4,083,221. We believe if the difference is less than 0.5% a recount may apply. Florida has 29 Electoral College votes

The popular vote stands at:

  • Obama 57,885,939 (
  • Romney 55,979,642

We will update on the finalisation of vote counting.

Here’s our home grown Results on a page tracker / score sheet for the Presidential election.

It assumes the same basic level of knowledge of the US system as we have (e & o e) including:

  1. 50 States plus the District of Columbia make up the Electoral College
  2. A simple majority of votes wins the day ie 270 of the 538
  3. We have picked up the information from one of the numerous election maps likely it was CNN’s
  4. Being non-partisan we are predicting a tie (in which case after all the recounts and many legal actions we hope to collect on our wager with a certain Mr Paddy Power who still offer 22/1 on this outcome as we write)!

Results on a page


They should be accessible on most mobile devices and with eg Evernote, Smart Office 2 and various other readers or similar apps the extraordinarily keen may choose to update them with the actual results!


We will likely do this eventually but we have a feeling there could be some delays particularly if it is within 20 votes or so.