Pressability – Something Old, Something New, Something Blue

PayPal in almost a relaunch yesterday announced not only a brand campaign – ”that puts people back in charge of their money” but also  a new brand expression/logo which they are banking on providing it with greater “pressability”!

Here is a laudably brief portrayal of their logo history.

But … it’s so much more than a new logo, as their words explain.

“The new brand expression better represents the growing needs of the mobile, real-world and online businesses that use PayPal and the company’s position as innovator. The look and feel are designed for a world moving from desktop and mobile today, to a future where almost any device can deliver payment.”

Four key elements deliver a new level of dynamism and impact designed to help PayPal better engage with consumers around the world and across devices:a stronger wordmark of the word PayPal set in modified Futura type, a new monogram of PayPal’s double Ps, more vibrant colors and a dynamic angle graphic.The wordmark and the monogram together lock up for PayPal’s new signature.

Elements used in the redesign emphasize:

  • Connection
  • Forwardness
  • PayPal’s position as a visionary company

Connection is a motivating principle behind the redesign – connection to money, to people and between people.

The font used features a softened edge to emphasize that PayPal is a human, approachable brand. While blue has always been used in the logo, new colors – a rich Indigo “Pay” blue and a vibrant “Pal” blue – were selected to look better in today’s high-definition world.

The Ps in the monogram overlap to emphasize the connection between people when they use PayPal. The Ps are designed to reflect PayPal’s progressive and innovative leadership, while providing more “pressability” in everyday use.

The other common theme of the redesign is forwardness; the words and letters remain in italic – like the former logo – to reflect a forward-looking, visionary company. Forwardness is also communicated through the dynamic angle graphic.”

The brand identity/new logo comes from fuseproject who reveal a few of their prototypes in their video!

The Internet of Everything Reinvents the Wheel

Cisco in the form of their UK & Ireland CEO Phil Smith at the launch of their “The Internet of Everything: Bringing the future to life” report yesterday said ” With just 1% of the physical world connected at this time, this is just the beginning of an amazing future.”

They reckon that by 2020  50 billion “things” will be connected globally. So that’s 7 for every one of us!

The report itself looks at the UK situation in 5 main areas:

  1. Healthcare: The innovations anticipated are almost endless and range from wearable video cameras for emergency response units through connected asthma inhalers to smart pill boxes.
  1. Retail: Not only will the high street be smarter they think it will be intelligent as well. “For example, as a consumer moves through the high street and into different shops, an integrated Internet of Everything strategy can see them receive different location-specific content. Marketing tools will enable retailers to provide offers through push notifications, while time-related promotions will encourage consumer spend. Done right, cross-promotion based on immediate location will drive visitors from one retailer to visit others locally. All the while, consumer analytics based on demographic information and activity, such as dwell time conversion rates, and retailers also visited, will provide an intelligence service to improve the customer offer.”
  1. Transport: We can look forward to “Stations-as-a-Service” smart cities smart parking an numerous other evolutions as we reinvent the wheel!
  1. Energy: We will be connecting to conserve.
  1. Manufacturing: “Today, just 4% of devices in that space (the manufacturing floor) are connected to a network of any kind; connecting more could help to dramatically reduce wastage and error.” Consumers’ relationships with purchases are being transformed as sensors and monitoring devices are built into not only the production process but also products themselves. “Cradle-to-grave” strategies tracking product lifecycles from the raw materials in the field through to refurbishment and renewal present manufacturers with major opportunities in the face of spiralling costs and dwindling resources.

The future’s bright the future’s connected.

Keep an I on our Week – .uk Launch edition

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. Apple Revenues due to decline this Quarter
  2. The NEW uk Shorter Sharper Snappier Second Level Domain 
  3. We Check our Devices at least every Half Hour

There’s a really impressively detailed update to the classic map of the internet from Slovakian Martin Varic.

Click for detailed version

We can’t do it justice here but suggest you visit his deviant art version to enjoy in all its glorious detail. As an example he lists the 500 most visited sites at the top of the map and we’ve shown part of the not inconsiderable Google empire!

We’ll leave you with Lindsey Stirling’s Shadows pending the imminent release of her new video we understand

Worldwide Tablet shipments year to date up by over 40%

Digitimes have just released their quarter 2 global estimates and they virtually show branded tablet shipments (their figures exclude “white box” shipments) almost flat lining between Q1 and Q2.

Back in December last year they forecast annual Branded shipments to be 140 million this year and 210 million including white box shipments. So whilst it’s a complete guess we might be looking at total shipments around the 45 million level.

The ranking of suppliers this / (last) quarter they give as:

  1. Apple (1)
  2. Samsung (2)
  3. Asustek (6)
  4. Lenovo (8)
  5. Acer (5)

Notable by their absence are Google (3) and Microsoft (4). Barnes & Noble (Nook) are unsurprisingly unmentioned.

They also give unusually a processor ranking:

  1. Apple
  2. Texas Instruments
  3. MediaTek
  4. Nvidia
  5. Samsung
  6. Intel

We’ve updated this & last quarters averages and await developments with interest!