Sky on NOW

 UPDATE – July 17 am The NOW TV site is live  with sign up ability. There is the occasional beta reference incorporated in the logo! Sort of obvious but with the Sky movies pass you can stream the Sky movie channels live which we didn’t mention yesterday.

The 30 day free trial words are “  30 Day Free Trial – The Legal Bit 18+. UK only. Content streamed. Requires fast enough broadband/3G (charges may apply). One free trial per person. Free trial excludes Pay & Play. After 30 day free trial Sky Movies Pass at £15 a month renews until cancelled. Rent Pay & Play movies at 99p-£3.49 each on certain devices only. Register up to 2 compatible devices. Watch on 2 at the same time (single device for individual Pay & Play movie). Sky Movies Pass live channels on PC/Mac/Xbox 360 only. Some content unavailable on live channels and/or some devices. Xbox Gold Live subscription needed to use NOW TV on Xbox 360. For content/device restrictions and compatibility requirements read the Help articles. Full terms of service here

As promised, Sky have today announced the summer launch, of their NOW TV service which starts tomorrow.

Its entirely internet based and the availability content and prices are as follows:


  • Now (ie July 17) – PC, Mac and selected Android smartphones
  • Next month –  iPhone, iPad
  • Later in Summer – xBox
  • On launch – YouView


  • Now (ie July 17) – Sky Movies
  • Before end of 2012 – Sky Sports
  • TBA – Shows from Sky 1, SkyAtlantic, Sky Arts, & Sky Living


  • On demand movies – 0.99p to £3.49 per view
  • Sky Movies Pass – Unlimited access to over 600 movies £15 per month preceded by free initial 30 day trial

Our initial reactions are concerns that there’s no mention of android tablet availability and on first look the monthly pricing seems on the high side compared to LoveFilm Netflix although arguably NOW TV’s movie content may be more current. The YouView availability is interesting and it does appear as if Sky go is being relegated to almost an add on to a TV subscription enabling mobile/PC viewing.

It certainly moves our preferred Internet TV concept of the ability to “watch  what we want, when we want it and where we want it” forward.

Sky have changed the logo a little since their original announcement and incorporated their own brand which makes a lot of sense.

Some of the devil will be in the detail which will likely appear on the NOW TV site tomorrow after which we will no doubt return to the topic.

ADVENT Online Offerings – Reissue

We’re doing a reissue/update of  Advent offerings in particular we like the NEW  twitter one from the Fitzwilliam Museum.’s Advent CyberCalendar

We start with our own Advent CyberCalendar where the theme is technology and t’internet from the early days in video format.

Here’s the running order up to a few days ago:

  1. A history of technology in the 1980’s
  2. Nintendo Cereal System commercial (1989)
  3. Internet users guide (1990)
  4. Compuserve Internet Commercial (1991)
  5. Minitel 1992 publicité 3615 MGS (in French)
  6. CBC Archives: The Internet 1993
  7. DEC – Glimpse of the Future, 1994
  8. Early AOL Commercial (1995)
  9. Digital Internet Commercial from 1996
  10. Mastering the Internet in 1997 Funny Video – Digg Reel
  11. MacWorld 1998 Keynote – Steve Jobs likes Internet Explorer
  12. GOOGLE TGIF 1999 video
  13. Cute advertisement from Apple
  14. The Internet in the year 2001
  15. The Netmachine 2002 promo

Still to come the early days, both at Apple, and at Google, a classic Super Bowl GoDaddy advert & much much more so come back each day to discover the goodies..

Our friends at Advent Calendars are based in Europe and likely on CET so we’re guessing the day starts at GMT+1.

The  info page also has the  the video titles and technical stuff on the calendar & the QR code if you want todownload them which you are more than welcome to do.

We are started our Advent info from 1 December and provide below a limited selection of what’s around online but also for a starter 10 of the best traditional versions. We will extend/edit them over the next 24  21  14 days.

Many of the sites have Social Media links to twitter & Facebook etc. We haven’t deliberately included anything offensive but as per our T & C’s do not  take any responsibility for external content. Incidentally there seem to be zillions of spoilers around for  kids advent calendars such as Star Wars so beware!

Traditional- A bit late now but in extreme situations there’s still time to catch up!

  •  The I Papers view of the top ten including #6 which is our favourite.


Genealogy (ish)

GeneaBloggers (ie blogs related to genealogy and family history) posting about specific holiday-related topics/themes at their own blogs









We’re the art museum of Cambridge University, and we tweet each day’s advent offering.
Here’s a catch up for you Day 1  Day 2  Day 3  Day 4  Day 5  Day 6  Day 7  Day 8  Day 9


Initial trawl failed to find anything current & not inappropriate! – Liked this old commercial agency promo. Inputs/links in the comments please


The Sky at day & how to Kickstarter project

A history of the sky by Ken Murphy  is worth, not only watching, but also checking out the rather interesting organisation who helped him organise the project funding Kickstarter.

The video of A history of the Sky

“A bit more about the project: I installed a custom camera rig on the roof of the Exploratorium museum in SF, which captured an image of the sky every 10 seconds, around the clock, for a year. From these images, I created an array of time-lapse movies, each showing a single day, arranged chronologically, and playing in sync. My intention was to reveal the patterns of light and weather over the course of a year.”

Ken Murphy

Our comments:

1 Watch in full screen  mode

2 It’s an 18 x 20 matrix (360 as the US day count convention!)

3 The time of day appears in day 360

4 It does rain in California – not very often though!

5 The Kickstarter page for this project

Kickstarter the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.

For all you Twitter addicts:

Ken Murphy



Fall’s back

Following last weekends Autumnal rant we’re not quite sure but perhaps the *Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun; may have arrived. The first scrap of evidence is yesterdays early morning sun & mist

Click to enlarge

We shall now go in search of other morsels & report back a little later. If you can add to the case – in the comments please.

Update October 29 pm I’m no arborist but some trees have colour & ……. So no conclusive evidence yet. I think the jury will have to deliberate for at least another night but they are not dismissed yet.

Update October 30 am The latest addition to the bundle for consideration is a somewhat urban but hardly urbane specimen. Certainly some colour here & a pleasant carpet as well. Further investigative findings will be disclosed later today when a verdict may be forthcoming. Oh and the clock change seemed to go quite well. Trust we are now, in the UK,  all in synch with GMT & UTC.Update 30 October pm Formal jury consideration of additional pictorial evidence plus a quote from Mr Keats talking of his ode “……some pictures look warm. This struck me so much in my Sunday’s walk that I composed upon it” is that Autumn is upon us!

On the poetic front if, as I’m sure there must be, there are some aspirant, possibly unpublished, poets out there then if they’d like to get in touch with their autumnal contribution then we would certainly consider putting up our favourites on the blog. Contact form is probably the easiest way to communicate.

* Extract “To Autumn” John Keats (1795-1821)
+ Spring forward, fall back of course refers to the loss of BST & reversion to GMT early on Sunday morning

there’s No Autumn this year

Well I reckon in this part of the northern hemisphere it is pretty late anyway!

Anecdotal support:

      1. The UK clocks don’t revert to GMT/UTC until the last possible day but one (ie 30 October).
      2. The National Arboretum at Westonbirt last weekend,  apart from the ever colourful maples, was still very green.  Incidentally it’s well worth a visit during half term next week as it is a beautiful & remarkably tranquil location even at this time of the year. The facilities are pretty good with the occasional brilliant touch. We particularly like the disposable wooden knives & forks provided in the cafe. There is also a kids playing area called the exploratree.
      3. My lawn is definitely still growing!

I took a treescape today to be entitled “early autumn”. The Promenade was so bereft of colour that we have reverted to old school black & white in an attempt to generate some interest.

As we have seen a large number of squirrels recently perhaps we’re just missing out autumn altogether this year!

Squirrels & hard winters never actually convinces me so visiting squirrels in the comments please!

Update I – 23 October Westonbirt are providing a series of Autumnal Highlights next week, over half term, at the arboretum between 25th & 28th October. Post code (as we can’t see it obviously on their site) by the way is GL8 8QS. Head north at junction 18  (Bath exit) from the M4.

Update II – 24 October The Weather forecast for the arboretum.

Update III - 25 October Westonbirt confirm that its been a very strange Autumn with a 2 phase colour change and explains why.