Amazon sold 10 million Kindle Fire tablets again last year

IDC yesterday released their worldwide tablet shipment estimates for the last quarter of 2013.

At 76.9 million they are pretty close to the pre-Apple estimates of Digitimes which we commented on last week and confirm the growth slowdown

Whilst only a total annual figures for the year of 217.1 million and 144.2 million for 2012 are mentioned our favourite chartists provide some interesting figures to assist us on the vendor front.

  • Apple is definitive at 74.2 million being about 34% in market share terms with an increase this quarter.
  • Samsung we estimate is around 41 million that’s 19% market share and shows a drop this quarter
  • Asus (including Google‘s Nexus) we estimate is around 12 million that’s 5.5% market share
  • Amazon comes in at just under 10 million which is virtually the same as last year and is 5% market share. Their remarkable profile, of circa 1 million sales every quarter apart from the holiday season when it jumps to 6 million, continues.

We’ll leave you with the iChart


Apple Leaps Back

New Media Metrics have just released this years Leap Index which has the reputation of reporting on the most loved brands. They basically, in our words, survey over 380 brand names in the US asking which ones are ranked as 9/10. The online survey in May this year involved 4,250 adults aged 13-54.

The “Leveraging Emotional Attachment for Profit” (LEAP™) index provides an overview of the relative Emotional Attachment of US brands.

Apple products  have topped the index since its first introduction back in 2010 initially with the ubiquitous iPod then the iPhone but never the iPad which may have peaked at #5 last year.

Overall  Apple products have dropped back from (last year):

  • iPhone – 1 (1)
  • Apple – 5 (9)
  • iPad – 12 (5)
  • iPod – 13 (2)

Interesting to see that brand Apple though is moving up the charts.

On a quick count and, as ever using our technology definition (which includes in particular online retailers and service organisations eg Financial services and Insurance) we recognised 23 in the top 100.

The top 20 were (overall Leap ranking):

  1. iPhone(1)
  2. Apple (5)
  3. Google Search (6)
  4. Google (9)
  5. iPad (12)
  6. iPod (13)
  7. Microsoft Office Suite (15)
  8. Sony Play Station (17)
  9. Android (20)
  10. X-Box (22)
  11. Samsung Galaxy (24)
  12. E*trade (25)
  13. Microsoft Windows (29)
  14. Microsoft (30)
  15. Kindle Fire (36)
  16. Verizon Droid (46)
  17. Sony (52)
  18. Verizon Wireless (61)
  19. Samsung (65)
  20. AT&T (83)

We were surprised not to see either the Amazon or Facebook brands in the top 100.

We’ll leave you with our extract of their overall top 10. You can download the full 100 from their site on registration.

Retailers – Get Online and Export, or Die

Click to view on British Pathe site

UPDATE 9.10pmGMT onwards Amazon earnings Q4 2012:

This is lower than the consensus and their stock which had fallen during the day to $260.35 (-$15.69) has recovered in after hours trading by some $20 ish to $282!

Their Q 1 2013 guidance revenues are $15-$16.6 billion which again is below consensus (see below)

We may give a further update after their earnings call

It was pretty dry!

They are investing heavily in China came through as a positive. It finished at 10.38pm GMT approx when  the shares were at $281.38.

*                                                                         *                                                                    *

Back in 1946 The Ministry of Information encouraged all businesses to “Export or die”. You can still view/buy the original British Pathe video to rekindle the flavour of those austere days!

Which sort of brings us bang up todate with Amazon announcing its quarter 4 results later today (see below) and just having done a  press release “…. Kindle Paperwhite Now Available to Customers in over 175 Countries”

So possibly the edict today should be “Get online and export, or die”.

Now we reckon there’s both help and inspiration close at hand.

Royal Mail have just done some research with the Brass agency and discovered that for UK online retailers’;

  • Overall, 56 per cent who export saw a sales uplift in 2012
  • 65 per cent of SME’s who export are confident of growing sales in 2013
  • seven in ten will be targeting new international markets to help them achieve their growth plans. USA and Europe (28%) are the top growth targets, followed by Canada (21%)
  • Asia (15%), Russia (14%) and Africa (8%) are also part of their expansion plans. The Middle East and A8ustralasia (6%) and South Africa (5%) complete the picture.
  • 30 per cent are planning to develop a website with the domain address of the country they are targeting
  • improved online search activities are being planned for around four in ten SME’s with growth plans
  • to aid overseas growth, 43 per cent have introduced payment options in different currencies, while three in ten (31 per cent) have added tracking to their deliveries so the customer knows the progress of an item. One quarter  said they have introduced a foreign language section to their websites.
  • three in ten (27 per cent) are planning targeted direct mail campaigns while one quarter (23 per cent) are planning on using catalogues to win new business

Royal Mail offer additional practical help in an export section of their, rather large, site.

Now lets have a look at a UK success story. It’s SuperJam.

You may have seen the MOO commercial.

Well now we have the full story.

Mr Doherty seems to be doing rather well and already is selling in nine currencies  and we’re sure we heard a million jars of jam a year mentioned elsewhere. Likely this is out of date already. He’s even got himself a personal website.

Now back to those Amazon results which are due out shortly after “the bell” tonight at 9pm GMT. Seeking Alpha  reckon the consensus is at the top end of their guidance for revenues at $22.27 billion with earnings in mid range at about 28cents. He looks for forward guidance on Q 1 2013 revenues to be about $16.84 billion. If it’s all positive news he thinks the shares may just go from their (yesterday’s close) price of $276.04 to over the $300 level. In our limited Amazon results watching on occasion the price drops initially and then recovers over the next few days!

We will report back after the announcement. As ever there is a conference call due after the release which can be heard/viewed on their site at circa 10pm GMT.


Credit: Header Graphic British Pathé

Disclosure: We have affiliate Marketing arrangements with Amazon but have no commercial arrangements with any of  the other above mentioned companies. We have no position in any of the above companies.

Have a Fun Cyber Monday

Click to enlarge

Our favourite analysts at this time of the year (comScore) have just released their US Retail ecommerce figures for Black Friday and they show a whopping 28% increase on last year the biggest since 2006 (at 41%) which was the first year these statistics were recorded.

So we’ve got our old faithful abacus out, together with the trusty corporate crystal ball, and confidently (possibly!) predict that today Cyber Monday 2012 will be a $1.5 billion record breaking spendfest. Following our last years coverage we’ve changed the graph colour for cyber Monday to green which seems to be the generally accepted hue!

comScore say “57.3million Americans visited online retail sites on Black Friday, representing an increase of 18 percent versus year ago. Amazon ranked as the most visited online retail site on Black Friday while also posting the highest year-over-year visitor growth rate among the top five retailers”

The top 5 were:

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart
  3. Best Buy
  4. Target
  5. Apple

On the product front Apparel & Accessories have taken over the top spot from Computer Electronics this year with over 25% of the total dollar spend.

For a comprehensive runover of the Twelve Key Online Spending days of  Christmas comScore have an informative blog post.

Over here we see that Deloitte’s reckon that, during the Christmas season, whilst overall retail sales will creep up, in real terms by perhaps 1% online are set to jump by 17%.

Some of their figures, we find, slightly confusing but they say “around £3.2bn of in-store Christmas sales will be influenced by smartphones, with another £330m of sales made directly through the devices.  A further £500m in sales will be made through tablets”. So online sales from Tablets are greater than Smartphones. Hmmmmm.

Talking of tablets, if you haven’t got a tablet yet (or aren’t expecting one over the next month or so) then until the end of the day you can order a Kindle Fire here in the UK for just under £100 ie £99. Think the offer ends at midnight tonight so hurry along please! It (very short term) makes it the cheapest mainline UK offering by £60 or by nearly 40%. We’re slightly surprised nook (aka Barnes & Noble) haven’t followed suit but can’t see any device “specials” on their site. Nor Google for their Nexuses!

We sort of borrowed our headline from who are offering 20% off domain prices on this “CyberFunDay”!








Just in case you haven’t noticed we have affiliate marketing arrangements with Amazon!

How many MiNis can you squeeze into a media event?

UPDATE 5.15pm BST 9.15am PDT – It’s happening. 10am PT 23 October at the California Theatre in San Jose.

California Theatre

It all looks quite colourful including the theatre although from a leaked product list it looks as if the MiNi iPad colours maybe ……… just black and white!

Not sure how much prepping will take place at the theatre. Loving the spelling though!





*                                       *                                        *                                            *

Well if yet another “usually reliable source” can be deemed to be credible we might at least be forewarned today. On its arrival we will replace Martin Hajek’s brilliant graphic with the invitation – as long as it is available and suitable!

Adding to the All Things D broken news Reuters rapidly followed on with their very own, sort of, exclusive saying that Apple will host a media event on October 23.

Along with the possibility of certain Mac announcements (eg a 13″ MacBook Pro) being tagged on to the event it appears that another MiNi is shoeing its way in – that’s the Mac mini of course. Historically it was, sort of, marketed as the BYODKM (Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard, and Mouse) or as the mini in a small box.

The MiNi iPad, as we still insist on calling it, will likely fit into the same box along with the Mac mini. The iPad is definitely a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) product in a business/enterprise sense.

In other tablet news, ahead of its October 26 launch of Windows 8, Microsoft aired yesterday the first Surface TV ad. Apparently according to The Verge  “The ad features a play on the click sound generated from the kickstand on the device and the magnetic keyboard.” Elsewhere talk of 3-5 million Surface production in this quarter are ahem surfacing! UPDATE Microsoft today announced the Surface pricing starting at $499 + from $100 for the featured Touch Cover with integrated touch-sensitive keyboard. We think his blue cover (sorry cyan) is 1 cent short of $120!

We’re impressed with the ad – don’t know if it will be aired in the UK – we guess so as part of the $1billion overall campaign – wow!

In other news Amazon have got The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series on kindle but not yet the Mobile Semiconductor division of Texas Iustruments.

They also announced today the hiring over the seasonal period of 50,000 (yes that’s 50,000) positions.

So that could be two absolute blockbusters and another wow!

We shall report back a little later on the MiNi epic as/if it unfolds!

Invitation via The Wall Street Journal

Prime spot for Harry Potter

Mr Bezos (Amazon‘s CEO) has penned another of his letters to all of us in the UKFrance and Germany.

We can all now order the Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD 7” and the remarkabloe Kindle Paperwhite e-reader.

The additional good news is that, with Amazon prime membership (free for a month then £49 a year) from 31 October (Halloween again)) they are introducing their book lending library to these 3 European countries. Its been in operation 1n the US since late 2011.

In a nutshell you can borrow from their library (200,00 books they say) including all seven of J K Rowling’s Harry Potter books (likely the Casual Vacancy will eventually be added to the library but this is probably many months – if not years away)! You can  “ …..borrow for free as frequently as a book a month, with no due dates”.

In their press release Amazon also explain how the lending library works as far authors are concerned. It is, as we understand it, part of their self publishing platform, effectively funded via the Prime subscriptions collected by Amazon – they anticipate about $6 million of funding this year. More details at kdp (Kindle Direct Publishing).

We were quite impressed with the next day delivery comparisons provided as part of your Prime (or Premium if French) membership on coverage from top to bottom of all three countries and can now translate Land’s End to John O’Groats into two other languages!

In other Amazon news some are impressed by how certain Fashion houses are adapting  to their platform.

In other tablet news we are delighted to report that the Barnes & Noble’s nook uk  twitter account has come to life, but their newly created support account nook_care_uk appears tp have inherited at least some of its dormancy !




We have affiliate marketing arrangements with Amazon.

The New Kindles


New products:
1. The kindle paperwhite (touch e reader) ($119 3G $179 ships October 1)
2. Upgraded kindle fire 7 inch ($159 ships September 14) (UK £129 October 25)
3. kindle fire HD 7 inch 16GB ($199 ships September14 ) (UK £159 & 32GB version £199  October 25)
4. kindle fire HD 8.9 inch 16GB ($299 ships November 20)
5. kindle fire HD 8.9 inch 32GB 4G LTE ($499 ships November 20)

“We want to make money when people use our devices not when they buy our devices.”

Scroll down to preorder in the UK. Pleased to see also available in France Germany and Spain.

Amazon press releases:

UK availability (if any) unclear. Not looking promising. Guess basic Kindle Fire might appear at a later date as well as Paperwhite

PC Pro and now many others reckon the basic 7 inch Kindle Fire (£129) and the HD 7 inch version 16GB (£159) plus the 32GB(£199) are coming to the UK and shipping from 25 October. Excellent news. They are up on the UK site with a personal letter from Jeff Bezos.

Excellent runover (live blogging format) of the event with copious graphics at mobilenations

Amazon are rumoured to be announcing new Kindles at their Press Conference in Los Angeles later today 6.30pm BST ( 10.30am PT).

Rather than the Microsoft/Nokia cryptic clue or Apples subtle hint amazon go for the (almost) straight forward marketing approach of screening a TV advert the night before the event, during the opening NFL game of the season, with a little more than glimpses of their new products.

The Verge, we believe, broke the story and their interpretation of the content is that the possible new additions consist of:

  • a backlit E Ink Kindle reader
  • updated Kindle Fires in both 7 and 10 inch sizes

Elsewhere certain commentators are unsure as to whether a 10inch tablet is shown or not.

Our “wish list” simply consists of a request that the new Fires and readers are made available internationally, and in particular in the UK, at the same time as they start shipping in the US .

Here’s the advert so you can come to your own conclusions on the new products.

Updating to follow after the event. Live blogging of it from CNET

iPhone 5 emerging from the shadows

Many commentators describe the Apple invitation to its Media Event as “cryptic”. We would simply say subtle! Some say that to view a more distinct shadowy 5 you should tilt the screen away from you (at the top) possibly on your Maxi iPad or any old iPhone!

As previously heavily trailed Apple, yesterday, issued email invitations to a Media event to be held (almost as usual) at the Yerba Buena Arts Theater in San Francisco at 10am PT which is 6pm BST on September 12.

The invitation reads:

“Please join us for an invitation-only event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco on September 12 at 10.00 a.m. Registration begins at 9.00 a.m. Please arrive early.” Followed by various addresses maps & directions etc.

Simply the Apple announcement, in pixel/column inches terms will likely upstage both today’s joint Microsoft and Nokia event launching the already leaked Lumia range using Windows phone 8  as well as tomorrows Amazon event (probably Kindle Fire related +).

We have updated our increasingly crowded Media events / Product launches schedule (including the again rumoured secondary iPod addition to Apples event).

The MiNi iPad event is rumoured now to be taking place early in October possibly in the first week.

The next game in town (that’s San Francisco of course) is the external decoration of the Yerba Buena Arts Theater.  Photo’s will likely appear before the end of the week and we will put them up on arrival!

In the meantime today of course is the Microsoft / Nokia announcement in New York City at 9.30 am EDT which is 2.30pm BST. There will also likely be equivalent announcements at Nokia World in Helsinki. (You can follow a live blogging of the NY event with CNET). We will update with links and any deserving highlights later today. We are hoping for some Surface hints on in particular pricing and launch dates but fear we may be disappointed.

In the meantime we will leave you with Nokia’s cryptic teaser video -Things are about to change!


UPDATE 5.45pm BST Both company’s CEO’s were at the event today Steve Ballmer (Microsoft) and Stephen Elop (Nokia). Steve Ballmer was reported as saying   “We should see 400M new devices running Windows software”. Microsoft Press Release   All Things D article.

A, sort of, hands on video from Nokia of the Lumia 920.


Invitation credit- Apple

Amazon stops and starts

Click to get Amazon App for android (or use QR code)

The stop, is contained in Jeff Bezos ( Founder and CEO)  rather cryptic comment in their press release  “We’re grateful to the millions of customers who have made Kindle Fire the most successful product launch in the history of Amazon. This has been a big year for digital products on Amazon—all of the top 10 sellers on since Kindle Fire launched just less than a year ago are digital products. Kindle Fire is sold out, but we have an exciting roadmap ahead—we will continue to offer our customers the best hardware, the best prices, the best customer service, the best cross-platform interoperability, and the best content ecosystem.”

Click to enlarge

So they’ve stopped selling Kindle Fires in the US? Not really. They are no longer available directly from amazon in the store but you can still buy them second hand currently from 9 outlets but the price at $220 is at a premium to the $199 historic price!

The overall consensus  seems to be that this “sold out” is just a marketing ploy and that come September 6 lo and behold new Kindle Fires or even a range of them will be announced.

Now that double two number seems to be amazons favourite this week. It appears  twice in their release:

  1. “….in just nine months, Kindle Fire has captured 22% of tablet sales in the U.S”.
  2. “Kindle Fire offers customers a vast selection of digital content—over 22 million movies, TV shows, apps, games, books, magazines and more”

The first point is interesting, using lots of wild guesses, unequal timeframes, and some hard evidence from Apple (SEC filings) together with certain court documents recently unearthed by CNN money we have come up with some figures!

Tablet unit sales/shipment guesses Q4 2011 – Q2 2012 millions
Global Global market % US US market% US % Global
Apple 44.3 63% 16.0 50% 36%
Kindle 7.0 10% 7.0 22% 100%
Other 18.7 27% 9.0 28% 48%
Total 70.0 100% 32.0 100% 46%
Source: guesses & extrapolations!


To be honest we think the 9 million Other figure for US unit sales looks high which means that some of our guesses are wrong!

The Start in another release by Amazon concerns the rollout of their Apps Store across Europe  “, Inc. today announced the launch of its Amazon Appstore in the U.K., Germany, France, Italy and Spain, giving European customers access to Amazon’s broad selection of quality Android apps with the convenience of shopping on Amazon from their Android phones and tablets”.

It does give European android users another “market” to add to their devices. Whilst their video has a Samsung mobile (which amused us, although in accordance with amazon practice the lack of a European specific video didn’t) we think this is another precursor to their Kindle Fires European launch on September 6. We certainly hope so.

Who will spring forward this fall?

As we approach autumn/the fall (September 22) three of the 4 trillionaire club members have already announced (or in one case heavily leaked) dates of media events / product launches.

In alphabetical order we have:

  • amazon  Their Californian Press Conference may in fact not be to announce the widely rumoured kindle fire 2 upgrades.  These may follow at a later date. Some feel  the LA location may give a hint on some entertainment content deal as they usually hold their product launches in New York. We hope that at a minimum the roll out of kindle fires internationally is included (or being parochial at least to the UK). To be honest we think they have to announce significant kindle fire product/content upgrades to compete with the other three.


  • Apple are strongly rumoured now to be having two media events to avoid message dilution. iPhone 5 in early September & then a further one for the MiNi iPad in October. We had a quick look at the sites to see if they confirmed any activity but nothing so far on either or we’re afraid. We did like Ciccaresedesign’s  graphic (and their site). The ecosystems expansion continues but it looks as if the Apple TV may be at least delayed into 2013. We shall see.



  • Google have no scheduled or rumoured “events” yet but we will be amazed if they don’t keep up their aggressive marketing of the Nexus7. Pending new events we rather liked their camping video, but we are biased as we continue to enjoy using their product!


  • Microsoft have already announced the launch of Windows 8 on October 26 with its new tiled Metro u/i. Lifehacker has a good runover of it which likely a huge proportion of us will be using in the not too distant future.As far as their Surface Tablet is concerned dates are awaited. It could be launched (again) on the same date with a sort of loss leader price tag – if it is we think it might be a limited offer (in both product & time terms).

So that’s the hors d’oeuvres, now for the main course of tablet sales shipments for the remainder of the year.

Amazon you may recall with a product announcement at the end of September and shipments starting on November 11 last year shipped nearly 5 million kindle fires in the final quarter (or 7 weeks). Currently they do seem to be flat lining at about 1 million units a quarter.

Apple sold just under 15 million units in Q4 2011 representing 35% of their years sales. Their year on year growth for the first half of 2012 shows a figure of over 100%. This will likey slow in q3 but with a new Mini iPad available for the holiday season who can tell! Over 25 million is certainly a possibility in our view.

Google’s Nexus 7 is anecdotally doing quite well. We are sure it must bew hurting the kindle fire in the US. Estimates of up to 8 million for the year (announced end June shipping from mid July) are widespread. We think it could exceed this.

Microsoft will in our opinion have to launch and start shipping their Surface very soon at an attractive introductory price to achieve the 3 million shipments being mentioned. We feel this is optimistic.

We live in exciting times!