The Internet of Somethings

A new consortium has been set up today:


The current members are:

  • Atmel
  • Broadcom
  • Dell
  • Intel
  • Samsung
  • Wind River

(We couldn’t help but notice that it shares its initials with amongst others The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and The Orkney Islands Council!)

Even we noticed names NOT present ranging from A through Z.

At least some of these are amongst the claimed 50 members of the competing AllSeen Alliance  who count the following majors amongst their number:

  • Cisco
  • HTC
  • LG
  • Microsoft
  • Panasonic
  • Qualcomm
  • Semantec

We wonder if a third consortium/alliance including the likes of Apple and Google may appear in due course – we have our doubts!

Get an iCon for the IoT

That’s Internet Connectivity for the Internet of Things of course. The iCon (we love the name)  is a recently launched Kickstarter project from Floyd Lau founder of Amptek Technologies Inc which is based just north of Toronto.

The project is a credit card sized single board computer with numerous connectivity options or as he puts it “…an affordable short range wireless platform for people to experiment and to develop their own unique machine-to-machine applications.” “uClinux is the default operating system for the iCon”.

He’s looking to raise $55k (Canadian) for the project and, currently you can sign up for an iCon for starters at $99 (Canadian).

(Update September 7 2014 See also in the comments that it is available for $90 US from

We’ll leave you with his video

Link your car to Automatic

“.. it could do for driving what the iPod did for music.” John Fortt of CNBC

The Automatic Link and app from Automatic Labs looks like they could be real winners, initially in the US but hopefully subsequently over here. It comes in at a remarkable $69.95!

“The Automatic Link talks to your car’s onboard computer and uses your smartphone’s GPS and data plan to upgrade your car’s capabilities. Every Link works with both iPhone and Android. Automatic works with just about any gasoline engine car sold in the United States since 1996.”


helps you make small changes in your driving habits that can lead to huge savings on gas over time.

  • Driving feedback
  • Rough breaking
  • Speeding
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Drive Score
  • Trip timeline (actual trip info + fill ups ++)

Crash Alert looks out for you by automatically notifying 911 with your location in a crash. For free.

connects to your car’s onboard computer to decipher that little ‘check engine’ light and explain exactly what’s wrong.

  • Push Notifications (“Your check engine light is on”)
  • Engine Health (Shows details of “trouble codes” and has suggestions

always remembers where you parked, so you don’t have to.

automatically pays all parking fines free! – No it doesn’t we made that one up!

Understandably it’s had quite a bit of press in the US (eg Forbes   engadget and PC Mag

We’ll leave you with their video

The 3:11:61 Predictions!

For the mathematicians amongst you these are the prime factors of 2013!

So after much peering into the rather cloudy corporate crystal ball we think we can foresee:

  1. iPad Mini’s outselling iPad (Maxi’s) by a 60/40 ratio & new updates arriving (sooner) for the Mini and (rather later) for the Maxi.
  2. Kindle Fire and Nexus tablets battling it out for second place, to you know who, in the global marketplace throughout the year with the Microsoft Surface making little impact achieving a market share well below 5%
  3. Tablet sales closing on desktops, laptops etc numerically but not overtaking them. Most netbooks will disappear
  4. Apple’s market share for tablets being below 50% for the year
  5. Apple introducing both an iWatch and a (proper) TV in the second half of the year which will not be called the iTV
  6. Apple selling over 150 million iPhones whilst Windows phones won’t!
  7. Nook divorcing totally from Barnes & Noble gaining further additional shareholders over and above the historic Microsoft (16.8%) and the newly announced Pearson (5%)  who will exercise their option taking them up to 10%
  8. Mobile internet access overtaking fixed access during the year with “mobile” becoming the most used word on the internet followed closely by “things”!
  9. Twitter not having an IPO but may add tablets other than the iPad to its (rather Applecentric) log out screen!
  10. Some of ICANN‘s new gTLD’s being used during the year but not causing general disruption.
  11. Nominet quietly shelving their proposals but introducing a set of additional features for their third level domains with .uk New registrations in the year being around 1.75 million
  12. England retaining the Ashes in the UK & being well on the way to  completing the rout in Australia by 31 December.
  13. UK overall rainfall in 2013 being less than the 1981-2010 average of 1,154mm and well below this years near record of over 1,330 mm. That’s a staggering 4 foot 4 inches in old money! (Updated 3 January – unbelievably last year was only the second wettest year ever at 1330.7 mm v’s 2000′s 1337.3 – we demand a recount!)

Now for a very brief review of our 2012 predictions which might be summarised as consisting of some mini successes, many 10” failures and omissions a plenty!

With a bit of poetic licence and wearing our corporate rose tinted  3D glasses we reckon we had a  success rate of around 33%. [Room for improvement here - ed.]

Mini successes were iPad 2 & 3 continuing to be sold alongside one another and .uk registrations being less than 2 million. We also reckon we were half right in three other cases!

Anyway onwards & upwards!

A gTLD lottery and an internet champion

UPDATE December 18 – The results are in and MICROSOFT (475) wins ahead of  SAMSUNG (671) and APPLE (948) with AMAZON (1,156) and GOOGLE (1,545) well down the field.

ICANN‘s new gTLD prioritisation draw (provisional ) results (pdf).

On a local note CYMRU (244) was way ahead of WALES (807) pushing SCOT (1,453) down into third place!

ICANN are holding a, what we regard as rather bizarre, draw at 1pm PST ( 9pm GMT) today amongst the 1930 applicants for the new gTLD’s. They say it “ … is an equitable and fair way to order the release of initial evaluation results for all new gTLD applications. The Draw will determine the order by which applications move through the remaining stages of the program.”

Here’s a listing (and the current status) of the 1,930 applications ranging from Amazon (bit of a dispute already brewing here) through Cymru/ Wales (being organised by our very own Nominet who have a rather choice consultation on the Celtic addition(s )) to WTF. Bit of poetic licence has been adopted as  the first and last are actually AAAand Zulu! If you are of a statistical bent they also have included some fairly helpful analyses.

Unsurprisingly the objection period has been extended by a couple of months to March 2013. So there’s still time if you want to participate!

The prioritisation draw is being streamed live and once available  we will add it here a little nearer the time!


Live streaming by Ustream

Age Concern are running their  fourth Internet Champion of the Year Competition and entries are required by 10 January 2013. Full details are here.

Here’s their video


We of course have our very own Prize draw re Nominets other consultation on the .UK domainspace which we encourage you to enter.

Here are a couple of recent Guardian Media Network articles on this topic (and a comment – with possibly another on the way)!

Phil Kingsland is Nominet’s Director of (ie he is not a main board director) Marketing and Communications

The Two “A’s” dominate Top Retail Search Terms as Sony ebook store launched

Click to enlarge

The British Retail Consortium (BRC)  have just published their BRC-Google  Online Retail Monitor for Q1 of 2012.(pdf)

The overall searches show a year on year increase of 11% and, even more strikingly, consistent triple digit growth for mobile/tablet ones throughout the quarter averaging 132%. The mobile/tablet peak day per their graphic occurred on 2 January with significant activity around Mothers day! Weekend traffic also shows spikes.

The most impressive statistic we think is the sheer dominance of the double “A’s” (amazon and Apple. Of the 15 Top Retail Search terms they occupy 1st (Apple – 4) and 2nd (amazon – 3) positions accounting for nearly 50% of ALL the top retail searches. No doubt the new iPad release was a factor in  March but it is at least, most impressive. Arguably there are only 2 other brands subject to searches in the top 15.

We see that Sony have just opened their very own ebook store to (sort of|) compete with amazon & Apple – we wish them luck – we think they may need it!

Whilst on the subject of content we see that amazon recently announced  the opening up of their Appstore to virtually all developers ala Apple and Android. Similar pricing arrangements seem to apply with amazon retaining 30%.

Here’s their promo video:


We hope this may be a precursor to the wider availability of the Kindle Fire – particularly in the UK and we are pleased to see that there is more than one rumour around concerning an end of April launch  . We shall see!

Probably, the best ever Easter (Internet) egg hunt!

Clicking will take you to the right page!

“Thank you, David Risher


Jeff Bezos
February 2002

PS: In tribute to David, this Easter egg will reside on the Web site in perpetuity. Also, since every page must sell (and since I’m sure David would want it no other way), here’s an opportunity to buy something! :)

This is the opening and closing part of Jeff Bezos letter to David Risher a valued amazon employee. Wonder if he found it?

Can you find it?

Hint(s), full store directory- try highlighting the whole page for a mysterious blank link – it’s not at the top!

Happy hunting!