New gTLD registrations running at 200k a month

Some rather fascinating statistics on the new gTLD registrations over at nTLDStats.

Obviously it’s very early days and any conclusions would be inappropriate at this stage.

As one would expect it looks as if on initial launch there is a month one surge in registrations but beyond that we are sure there is much more to look forward to!

For .london .scot .cymru and .wales it will be interesting to see how the geographic gTLD’s evolve. We have a hunch that they may be amongst the winners.

As one would expect Go Daddy is the leading registrar followed by 1&1 Internet, Enom and united-domains.

In terms of the original applicants for the new gTLD this is of course dominated by Donuts.

There’s a brief interview with the founder of  nTLDStats (Stefan Meinecke) of GreenSec over at The Domains.

We will likely report back on a monthly basis as the situation develops.

Incidentally the 200k a month level is roughly what .uk registrations used to run at back earlier this decade when regular stats were released by nominet!

Great info from nTLDStats -  long may it continue.

The relative safety of Top Level Domains

As ICANN is in the midst of authorising the addition of over 1,000 new gTLD’s to the namespace Architelos publishes its latest Namespace Quality Index. The “NQI measures the relative concentration of abusive domain names in any given namespace, thus providing a comparative measure of safety”

“Specifi­cally, the NQI measures the number of abusive domain names per million (APM) Domains Under Management (DUM) in a TLD. The types of abuse include domains used for phishing, malware, botnet command-and-control, and domains advertised via spam sent from botnets and by other abusive means. The domains are reported by trusted security sources including Internet Identity, SURBL, Spamhaus, MalwareURL, ZeusTracker, SpyeyeTracker, and Malware Domain List.”

In their chart they then calibrate the TLD’s between:

  • Excellent – < 100 abusive domain names per million (APMs)
  • Good – 101 -1,000 APMs
  • Caution – 1,001 – 10,000 APMs
  • At Risk > 10,000 APMs

In terms of the overall ranking, the currently most utilised domains, both gTLD’s and country domains, aren’t over impressive apart from New Zealand (.nz) who are at #6 and Germany (.de) at #16 who have moved up 38 places since the previous publication of the index. .uk at # 55 ranks above .com and .org.

  • .nz – # 6
  • .de – # 16
  • .ie – # 19
  • .uk – # 55
  • .org – # 59
  • .co – # 57
  • .com – # 58
  • .cn – # 61
  • .net – # 62
  • .ru – # 68

Ireland (.ie) at number 19 deserves an honourable mention wheras Russia (.ru) in the red zone at # 68 does not!

Here’s the whole list:

Keep an I on our Week – Ancestry edition

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. Trust and Secure London UK Domains 
  2. The A Web Awards
  3. The EU app gap

We also had our regular feature on the months Internet Retail Sales.

.Scot the NEW gTLD domain name, available from sometime this summer, apparently is doing remarkably well  with pre-orders far exceeding expectations. The Not for Profit registry aptly named Dot Scot Registry (DSR)  have they say been inundated with applications from ex-pats reflecting  the 100 million or so world wide individuals with some Scottish ancestry.

If you want to do some tracing this weekend Ancestry are having a free access weekend to get you started.

We’ll leave you with a more current rendition of Braveheart from Neon Jungle which has an explicit content warning!

The A Web Awards 2014

Earlier this week saw the  announcement of the opening of applications for this years Nominet Internet Awards.

There are five categories:

  1. Innovative internet business
  2. Online skills and training
  3. Making the internet a safer place
  4. Doing good online
  5. Digital innovation in public services

There are four supporters/sponsors

  1. Innovation Warehouse
  2. Cyber Streetwise
  3. NCVO
  4. techUK

 There are eight Judges:

  1. Ami Shpiro
  2. Nadhim Zahawi
  3. Eden Upton
  4. Peter Wilson
  5. Chi Onwurah
  6. Gillen Knight
  7. Alun Cairns
  8. Julian David

 There are a couple of, sort of, bespoke website sections:

  1. The Guardian Media Network – Nominet Partner Zone
  2. Nominet’s site

Applications have to be made by 25 April

Judging to take place on 5 June

Results are announced at a black-tie event

Follow them “ …on Twitter @Nominet and look out for updates about the awards using the hashtag #nia2014.

Trust and secure London UK domains

As .london announces that applications for domains by local businesses starts from April 29, with .uk availability from June 10 and .scot .wales and .cymru due soon its going to be a busy spring and early summer.

From a YouGuv survey it is estimated that perhaps up to 25% of small London businesses, that’s a huge 214,180 might claim their .london domain. If that happens that would, in our view, be a huge success as initial indications of take up on some of the new domains have been less than exciting with eg .guru registering 30,000 initially and .photography 10,000. Whilst not the first city to get their NEW gTLD away, .berlin and .wien, lead the way we are pleased to report that we are well ahead of  .nyc!

In other gTLD news the NCC Group,  the international, independent provider of Escrow and Assurance, has just acquired from Deutsche Post .trust for an undisclosed sum. Apparently Deutsche Post have decided not to use it! NCC say they intend to use “… .trust as the primary vehicle for launching its Artemis internet security service, which aims to create global internet safety through a secure and trusted environment for selected customers”. They have applied along with others for .secure and this is currently in the contention phase of ICANN’s long winded process. As the contention is with Amazon thier .trust acquisition looks rather sensible!

Meanwhile Donuts  the most prolific applicant for the NEW gTLDs (307 names) released their first 14 names in January and are aiming to have a further 15 out by the end of this month!

We’ll leave you with their little video highlighting just a few of their names!

Why we should love .cymru &.wales today

Nominet & associates hope to launch these 2 NEW gTLD’s within a matter of weeks subject to ICANN saying yes to numbers 244 (.cymru) and 807 (.wales) in their 1,000 + names shown below in their video. The domains are being evaluated in order having been allocated a randomised number.

Today Nominet & co have come up with a random 18 reasons to love Wales and Cymru. We’re slightly surprised they didn’t stop at 14!

Anyway here they (the Welsh) go:

  1. We have 50,000 words for mate
  2. We all love a good sing-song
  3. Beaches don’t come any better than this
  4. Eating is never a chore
  5. Rain is just a state of mind
  6. This is our coastline.  Jealous?
  7. “Now” actually means “in a minute”  (Best to say both)
  8. Views like these
  9. … and talent like this
  10. This happened
  11. We are 1/10th of the Premier League
  12. We’re getting our own domain names so you can love .wales and caru .cymru
  13. Our placenames are brilliantly bewildering (to beginners)
  14. There’s history everywhere you look
  15. We’re fiercely proud of our past
  16. … and of our future
  17. No cuddle is ever as good as a cwtch (sort of affectionate hug)
  18. That 2land of song” thing? All true

So there you have it – pictures add to the experience! (Click on each thumbnail and then each of the 4 pages!)

UK Domain independence proceeding apace

Not only will .uk appear this summer but also .scot will debut possibly ahead of the Commonwealth Games,  which starts on 23 July in Glasgow. You can actually add your picture to the current site as part of their countdown clock currently standing at 170 days. We’re sure .scot will appear well before the Independence Referendum on 18 September. The Scottish Governments site also has a countdown clock on its site.

The Dot Scot Registry (DSR)  who will be operating the new gTLD domain got the go ahead from ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) last week and they are hopeful of widespread adoption.

“On promoting Scottish culture, Gavin McCutcheon, director of Dot Scot Registry, said “Scotland and Scottishness conveys a whole range of positive connotations, which could not really be portrayed on the web before, but with a .scot domain there will be a new option anyone involved in Scottish business, arts and culture and others to identify themselves more clearly as Scottish to the online world.”

“We aim to make .scot domains as affordable as possible and our not-for-profit structure means we will be able to do so.

“We hope that .scot will become the first choice for the worldwide family of Scots, allowing them to demonstrate for the first time their affinity to Scotland and for Scottish societies and organisations wherever they are in the world to make .scot their home on the internet.”

.london has already been given the go-ahead by ICANN and .cymru and .wales are again being launched later this year by the .uk registry Nominet.

Interesting times!

The NEW .uk Shorter Sharper Shnappier Shecond Level Domain is Short of Launched

We’re tempted to continue with “surely shum mishtake here” but we won’t!

From yesterday you can check who has the first right, as Nominet  call  it and primary right, as we call it to the new .uk domains when they are planned to be formally launched on 10 June this year.

Simply enter your domain name eg!

There is a rather long (17 pages to be precise) pdf  which gives a lot more detail including the list of reserved names which will not be generally available as our Government (and their agencies) require them.

We probably missed it when the decision was made to go ahead with .uk but from yesterday for new registrations there is an automatic first right to the .uk which we think is rather a nice touch. This should certainly boost registrations for Nominet in the short term – we really do hope they start releasing regular monthly statistics again.

Click for ... the launch

We are still very confused by Nominet’s practices concerning Press & News Releases – yesterdays announcement was a News Release  and wasn’t mirrored by a Press release. In the past their agency have told us that there is no difference in the distribution. We would have thought “from the roof tops” was in order in this particular instance, it’s a huge step forward and woul benefit from the widest possible publicity.

There also remains a reluctance to contact directly all their existing registrants and they say this will be done after the launch. Again we would have thought NOW would be most appropriate.

Perhaps there is some concern about their ecosystem which had a little glitch yesterday which the Register inappropriately headlined! It’s only anecdotal but we think in general it holds up pretty well compared to, lets say, some banks!

Having had historic reservations on .uk now that it is happening we unreservedly support it and advise all existing registrants to check out their rights and all new registrants to get their brand NEW with the .uk right NOW.

Short is now beautiful!

Stay safe on the streets

The Government launched yesterday a timely reminder about security following the results of the spendfest season:

” With more than 11 million internet-enabled devices received as gifts during the Christmas period, Cyber Streetwise will help in the fight against online criminals. People are encouraged to protect themselves and their families online by visiting the website for tips and advice.”

The site is Cyberstreetwise  (dot com rather than or .gov which is slightly disappointing) and there is also a collection of 6 admirably short videos (max 41 seconds) with 4 messages. “Findings from the government’s most recent National Cyber Security Consumer Tracker suggest more than half the population are not taking simple actions to protect themselves online.

While 94 per cent of people believe it is their personal responsibility to ensure a safe internet experience, the research highlights:

  • only 44 per cent always install internet security software on new equipment
  • only 37 per cent download updates and patches for personal computers when prompted – falling even further to a fifth (21 per cent) for smartphones and mobile devices
  • less than a third (30 per cent) habitually use complex passwords to protect online accounts
  • 57 per cent do not always check websites are secure before making a purchase”

Well worth a reminder visit.

We’ll leave you with the passwords video which looks to be the most popular!

2014 and all that …

We’ve found the corporate crystal ball, dusted it off, spent the first few days of the year peering into its fathomless interior and have come up with the following:

  1. Tablet unit shipments/sales, having drawn level with PCs in the final quarter of 2013, will on an annual basis overtake them in the year as a whole achieving around 300 million shipments including the white box variety which will flourish.
  2. Nominet will launch their .uk domain release in the summer. It will prove a remarkable success with millions of the new shorter, slicker and simpler domains being taken up by existing registrants in the first quarter of their availability.
  3. The new ICANN  gTLD’s will continue to proliferate but initial unit sales will prove to be disappointing.
  4. Internet Retail Sales will continue to grow apace reaching over 11% of all retail during the year. The Office for National Statistics will introduce an improved analysis of these sales in the second half of the year.
  5. As previously predicted Apple will launch their iWatch before mid year and their iTV (with a different name) in the fall. Apple will make a major acquisition in connection with it’s 2014 product releases.
  6. Apple’s share price will remain in the $500-$650 range in spite of a return to some revenue growth.
  7. Sky will introduce another named streaming service to compliment Sky Go and Now but it won’t be called Start!
  8. The rise & rise of Amazon will continue but Jeff Bezos will not buy another main stream media publication although his wife may release another book!
  9. StrengthsFinder 2.0 will remain in the WSJ top ten hardback bestselling books for at least 50% of the year.
  10. Twitter will gain a lot of ground particularly on the advertising front. Its share price will jut rise and rise!
  11. Native advertising will gain many converts and hence will proliferate accordingly..
  12. CES and LeWeb will both spring major surprises.
  13. UK overall rainfall will be above the 1981-2010 average of just over 1.15 metres but we will have a brilliant early summer!
  14. We will win one of the home cricket test series this summer and a new captain of one of our teams will be announced.

We will in about 360 days review our predictions and invest in an improved crystal ball if necessary for 2015.