The UK Tech Cool Brands they are a-changin’!

CoolBrands® published their latest assessment  (2014-2015) of the Coolest UK brands earlier this week.

“The UK’s CoolBrands are chosen by an Expert Council of influencers and members of the British public. Brands do not apply or pay to be considered. The entire selection process is independently administered by The Centre for Brand Analysis.”

The results (pdf) and the selection criteria and some selected Brands and the Expert Panel details appear on their site.

Many of the of the previous incumbents have fallen out of the top 20 including Twitter, BBC’s iPlayer (shame), and Spotify and as far as we can see Amazon has disappeared altogether!

In the top twenty, Techs have dropped by one to a mere 6 this year but continue to have 4 in the top ten with netflix replacing twitter.

Apple continues its dominance retaining the #1 spot but what of 2015 – we shall see!.

The overall Tech content has increased somewhat in that, on our wide definition, it looks as if just under 8% this year (47) of those considered come from this sector whereas previously it was nearer 6.5%.

The overall numbers have contracted from we reckon 712 last year to 610 currently.

Of the dozen or so new Tech entrants this year the ones which caught our eye (with CoolBrands categories) included:

The last two we are pleased to report are home grown, so as to speak.

We’ll leave you with (a) peak behind the scenes at Rockett St George’s …… and (b) an explanation from Mr & Mrs Smith!

Top Twenty Tech Future Brands

The Future Brand Index 2014 has recently been released.

In their words:

“To test our hypothesis about the difference between perception and financial performance of the Global Top 100 Companies by market capitalization, we surveyed 3,030 members of the informed public (consumers who are currently or were previously working in professional jobs) in 17 countries around the world (the USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, UAE, India, China, Thailand, Japan and Australia).

Respondents were asked questions about those companies based on FutureBrand’s proprietary brand strength model, as well as a series of other factors, and provided answers on a multiple choice and qualitative basis. This formed the basis of our quantitative analysis to develop a new ranking of the companies driven by strength of perception across 18 specific attributes within the dimensions of ‘purpose’ and ‘experience’.”

The financial performance criteria are sourced from PwC’s Global Top 100 Companies by Market Capitalisation 2014.

We have done our usual analysis’s of our (very widely defined Tech Sector and find that 6 of the top 10 overall are present with on a wider review of the top 100 22 being present just outside our top 20 are Qualcomm at 21 (overall position 87) and Comcast at 22 (overall 96).

Click to enlarge

Much more in the full report which can be downloaded on registration.

A Third of Most Valuable Global Brands are Techs

BrandZ part of the WPP group  have just published their consistently excellent  Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2014” which is  commissioned by them and conducted by Millward Brown Optimor.

All you need and more is available from the BrandZ 100 site!

Now on to the results (our Technology categorisation is, as ever, our broad definition which adds 13 brands to the BrandZ category – mainly from their Telecoms and online only retailers sectors):

  • The top 4 overall most valuable brands are from the technology sector
  • 6 of the overall top 10 are from the technology sector
  • 11of the overall top 20 are from this tech sector
  • 32 of the 100 are from this tech sector
  • Of the Top 20 risers (the greatest value increases over 2013)  a staggering 9 are techs (Tencent + 97%,  Movistar +56%, Facebook +68%, BT +61%, Baidu +46%, Yahoo +44%, Amazon +41%,  Google +40%  and Siemens +36%.)
  • 3 of the 7 newcomers to the top 100 are techs Twitter at #71 {the highest new entrant) Linkedin at #78 and PayPal at #97

Click to enlarge

Nick Cooper, managing director of Millward Brown Optimor commented “Google has been hugely innovative in the last year with Google Glass, investments in artificial intelligence and a multitude of partnerships that see its Android operating system becoming embedded in other goods such as cars,”

Last year we thought Google might make #1 which has happened but our hoped for top 5 for Amazon just d out on a top 5 position.

Next year we reckon Google will stay there Apple & IBM could both move down the charts allowing some uplift for Amazon. Tencent will also likely make further huge strides.

We’ll leave you with their Top 100 countdown video.

Pressability – Something Old, Something New, Something Blue

PayPal in almost a relaunch yesterday announced not only a brand campaign – ”that puts people back in charge of their money” but also  a new brand expression/logo which they are banking on providing it with greater “pressability”!

Here is a laudably brief portrayal of their logo history.

But … it’s so much more than a new logo, as their words explain.

“The new brand expression better represents the growing needs of the mobile, real-world and online businesses that use PayPal and the company’s position as innovator. The look and feel are designed for a world moving from desktop and mobile today, to a future where almost any device can deliver payment.”

Four key elements deliver a new level of dynamism and impact designed to help PayPal better engage with consumers around the world and across devices:a stronger wordmark of the word PayPal set in modified Futura type, a new monogram of PayPal’s double Ps, more vibrant colors and a dynamic angle graphic.The wordmark and the monogram together lock up for PayPal’s new signature.

Elements used in the redesign emphasize:

  • Connection
  • Forwardness
  • PayPal’s position as a visionary company

Connection is a motivating principle behind the redesign – connection to money, to people and between people.

The font used features a softened edge to emphasize that PayPal is a human, approachable brand. While blue has always been used in the logo, new colors – a rich Indigo “Pay” blue and a vibrant “Pal” blue – were selected to look better in today’s high-definition world.

The Ps in the monogram overlap to emphasize the connection between people when they use PayPal. The Ps are designed to reflect PayPal’s progressive and innovative leadership, while providing more “pressability” in everyday use.

The other common theme of the redesign is forwardness; the words and letters remain in italic – like the former logo – to reflect a forward-looking, visionary company. Forwardness is also communicated through the dynamic angle graphic.”

The brand identity/new logo comes from fuseproject who reveal a few of their prototypes in their video!

From Apple to Mobily

Brand Directory are one of the first to come up with a 2014 brand table – in their case the Global 500 2014.

The top 5 by value we would categorise as coming from the technology sector and elsewhere at Warc they categorise 9 of the top 10 as Tech brands with Walmart being the only exception at number 9. The top UK company is Vodafone is at # 16.

Overall Brand Value Rating Sector Country
ranking $ billion
1 Apple 104.7 AAA Computers USA
2 Samsung 78.8 AAA Semiconductors S Korea
3 Google 68.6 AAA+ Internet USA
4 Microsoft 62.8 AAA- Software USA
5 Verizon 53.5 AAA- Telecoms USA
6 GE 52.5 AAA- Miscellaneous USA
7 AT&T 45.4 AA Telecoms USA
8 Amazon 45.1 AAA- Internet USA
9 Walmart 44.8 AA+ Retail USA
10 IBM 41.5 AA+ IT Services USA
16 Vodafone 29.6 AAA- Telecoms UK
77 Toshiba 13.7 AA Electronics Japan
145 Canon 8.2 AA Office business equip. Japan
500 Mobily 3.0 AA Telecoms Saudi Arabia
Source: Branddirectory, Global Brand Index 2014


This encouraged us to look at their sector categorisations – they have 50 and of these we would allocate 8½ to our wide view of the technology sector. The ½ relates to Miscellaneous where of the 9 companies we would count 4 as techs!

On the 8½ basis 82 (16%) out of the Global 500 are techs.

A critique of the sector allocations might question Google & Amazon being categorised as Internet – in fact  looking at the remaining 11 constituents (ebay, facebook, QQ, PayPal, Priceline, Yahoo, Baidu, QVC, Semantec, Netflix and WeChat) their appears to us to be a remarkable diversity of brands. Even more so than Miscellaneous!

They also categorise differently the most powerful brands where Ferrari comes out on top and the other AAA+ rated brands are Google, Coca Cola, Disney, PwC, Hermes, Red Bull, L’Oreal, Rolex, Mckinsey and Unilever. Only one tech here then and we might argue, subjectively, for Apple’s inclusion (who fall short by a single+) ahead of Google.

Much more to digest on their interactive table including the history from 7 previous years. 

UK Top Tech Customer Experience Brands

Click to enlarge

Nunwood  have just published the fourth edition of their league table which assesses the quality of customer experiences as provided by UK companies.

We, using our very wide definition of technology companies/brands have extracted these from their top 100. They also rank the top 10 in seven different categories (their 6 pillars plus the rising stars) so we have included the Tech mentions in each of these.

First direct wins overall on the tech front closely pursued by Amazon (who they refer to as but we’re pretty sure it will be ranked on the performance of

In the up and coming class are and which not be familiar to you all.

We think ocado is an interesting one well worth watching as it expands taking on Morrison’s online activities next year. We shall see.

The overall winner was John Lewis, QVC at #2 with Virgin Atlantic completing the top 5

Nunwood methodology / analysis:

The overall scoring mechanism they use is based on  a weighting of their “six pillars” resulting in an overall CEE metric/index.   

“During October 7,500 customers were asked to rate their experiences with over 250 brands and to explain the rationale behind their scores. The resulting league table is based on an index that reflects the performance of these brands across multiple experience dimensions and then the influence these scores have on future behavioural intentions e.g. advocacy and re-purchase loyalty.”

Top 20 (overall) analysis

Top Russian Tech Brands worth $16 billion

Interbrand recently published their top 40 Russian Brands who we reckon have an overall value of something like $81 billion. The leading brand Gazprom dominates in more ways than one! In value terms alone it represents almost half ($39 bn) of the top 40′s total value of a little over $80 billion.With even more of a health warning than usual we have on our wide definition of the Technology sector attempted to identify their constituents within the top 40.

We reckon there are 7 and their total value represents a little under 20% of the total and therefore less than half of the Gazprom value.

Top Russian Technology Brands
Rank* English Russian Sector* Value $bn
2 MTS МТС Telecom 6.0
3 Beeline Билайн Telecom 4.8
4 MegaFon Мегафон Telecom 3.5
14 Rostelecom Ростелеком Telecom 0.9
23 RBC РБК Media 0.3
34 Media 0.1
36 messenger Связной Retail 0.1
Total 15.7
Source: Interbrand *Rank & Sector as published by them

We’re impressed by the number of sites who have an English version.

We apologise in advance to our Russian visitors if we have gone awry – don’t hesitate to let us know!

Technology – Worlds Most Loved Companies

Apco Insight  after “… a decade-long research project including a global survey of more than 600 of the world’s largest corporate brands among more than 70,000 individuals in 15 key markets around the world” have produced their 100 most loved companies. We reckon nearly 25% are from the technology sector.

We are amazed by the Netflix position but perhaps the answer lies in the basis of their compilation. “The Emotional Linking model identified eight emotions that are critical to effective brand communication. These eight critical emotions are:”

Click to enlarge

In the top 25 Apple is the only tech company with a highest score for Admiration. The other two are Coca Cola and Hershey’s.

Our technology count (using as ever our broad definition) comes up with these company numbers by quartile:

  • First – 10
    • Second – 6
    • Third – 3
    • Fourth – 5

So that’s virtually a quarter from the technology sector.

On the slightly parochial front we can report Sainsbury’s at #33 and M & S at #88. No burberry and in fact a distinct lack of fashion houses as far as we could see!

We were going to leave you with the top 100 but instead have ended with Apco’s video explaining why you should become a champion brand!

Apple Leaps Back

New Media Metrics have just released this years Leap Index which has the reputation of reporting on the most loved brands. They basically, in our words, survey over 380 brand names in the US asking which ones are ranked as 9/10. The online survey in May this year involved 4,250 adults aged 13-54.

The “Leveraging Emotional Attachment for Profit” (LEAP™) index provides an overview of the relative Emotional Attachment of US brands.

Apple products  have topped the index since its first introduction back in 2010 initially with the ubiquitous iPod then the iPhone but never the iPad which may have peaked at #5 last year.

Overall  Apple products have dropped back from (last year):

  • iPhone – 1 (1)
  • Apple – 5 (9)
  • iPad – 12 (5)
  • iPod – 13 (2)

Interesting to see that brand Apple though is moving up the charts.

On a quick count and, as ever using our technology definition (which includes in particular online retailers and service organisations eg Financial services and Insurance) we recognised 23 in the top 100.

The top 20 were (overall Leap ranking):

  1. iPhone(1)
  2. Apple (5)
  3. Google Search (6)
  4. Google (9)
  5. iPad (12)
  6. iPod (13)
  7. Microsoft Office Suite (15)
  8. Sony Play Station (17)
  9. Android (20)
  10. X-Box (22)
  11. Samsung Galaxy (24)
  12. E*trade (25)
  13. Microsoft Windows (29)
  14. Microsoft (30)
  15. Kindle Fire (36)
  16. Verizon Droid (46)
  17. Sony (52)
  18. Verizon Wireless (61)
  19. Samsung (65)
  20. AT&T (83)

We were surprised not to see either the Amazon or Facebook brands in the top 100.

We’ll leave you with our extract of their overall top 10. You can download the full 100 from their site on registration.

Top global technology brands worth half a trillion

Interbrand have just published their mightily impressive Annual Best Global Brands Report which is in its 14th year.

Technology brands dominate with Apple ousting poor old Coca Cola from the number 1 spot which it’s clung on to for the previous 13 years. Not only that but Google at #2 pushes Coke down to bronze medal place!

On our somewhat expanded definition of technology brands we reckon they hold 21 of the top 100 positions with over 35% of the total brand value of $1.5 trillion coming in at a staggering $531 billion. Of this Apple represents a little under 20%. It may well make the $100 billion mark next year.

We thought it would be interesting to compare the brand values with the companies current market capitalisations so we’ve done a quick and approximate assessment at today’s date.

Quite interesting we thought. Overall Market caps are something like 4.5x brand values with Apple being exactly at this ratio. Top of the pack is unsurprisingly Facebook at 16.1 with HP at the other end of the spectrum at 1.6.

Incidentally on the country front the UK comes out overall at number five behind USA (55) Germany (9) and Japan and France (7). Our 4 brands are HSBC (32nd place) Burberry (77) Johnnie Walker (82) and Smirnoff (95).

Well worth spending time over at the Interbrand site.