14 Days of Christmas .UK Prize Draw

Congratulations you’ve come to the right place to enter our.

FINAL UPDATE – Thanks for taking part – As the consultation is now closed so is our draw  (effective 00.00.01 January 8 2013)

UPDATE  -  Winner says “It’s really easy!”

Final weekend special unmissable Ashes Ticket offer – Details

There are three straightforward steps involved, all accessed from this page:

  1. Find the current prize(s) from the graphic
  2. Complete a response to Nominet’s Consultation on their .uk domainspace proposals
  3. Provide us with your entry details, so we can contact you if you’re a winner, and also give us your views on the consultation by answering a couple of our questions.

The draw is now closed January 8 2013

1 Find the current prize from the QR codes on the graphic.

One of the QR codes has a link to the prize. The remaining unnumbered ones have a simple text message.

You may need to increase the graphic size to scan the code(s) successfully.

Click to respond

When you find the code keep a note of its location (you’ll need this later) There are 14 codes ( nos. 1-7 & 8-14 from left to right in the two rows).

2 Complete a response to Nominet’s consultation

It’s pretty straight forward. They require your details in Section F (About you) and then how much or little is provided in the other sections is up to you. As with most surveys you can draft your responses elsewhere eg in Word or whatever and then simply copy them over to the actual form.

Click to enter by providing us with your details

Your response can be saved at any time (instructions are at the bottom of each page) so you don’t have to finish it off all at once. If you are a single issue respondent we did previously give some hints on how you might proceed.

3 Provide us with your details to enter the Draw

We’ve asked for these in a survey format to help with our analysis. It’s exceptionally short and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

That’s all there is to it. We will keep you updated on how its going. Normal rules apply (which means they will develop through the 14th day of Christmas which is 7th January 2013 the closing date for responses to Nominet’s consultation). Please tell all friends family colleagues etc. Only one entry per respondent. Prizes will be posted free of charge using Royal Mail to any UK address.

UPDATE – A winner from the SW reckoned that both finding the prize & doing Nominets response were a breeze! They have kindly donated the Prize back to our pool.

Quite a lot of you have visited & scanned the tree BUT NOT entered the Draw! Don’t be scared it’s simple!


Here’s the Nominet form layout which is pretty friendly. A few nexts & then submit






Click to

There are a total of 14 pages of which 5 are just words,  the responses are mainly tick boxes and of the 8 Comment boxes, 6 are titled “Further Comments” ie discretionary and the other 2 are, for a majority of respondents of a somewhat esoteric nature relating to Registrars and Third Level Domains so can in many cases be ignored.