New gTLD registrations were 3.7 million in 2014

This is according to  and looking at the monthly rates these have been over half a million in June & October. The current run rate seems to be around 400k a month. There are 453 of the new gTLD’s listed as at today’s date.

Overall the volumes must be disappointing as far as ICANN are concerned who were hoping for something like 15 million in the year to June 2015 which looks most unlikely.

We’ve had a look at the top 10 and others of interest in the UK in our table. The Chinese .网址 (XN-SES554G) apparently translates as “website” and virtually all of the registrations are parked or have no content (98.9%).

On the UK front .london is doing well but lags .nyc and .berlin.  .wales & .cymru are still in the release phase and are not yet generally available but the numbers look very low to us. Whilst it is somewhat dated Nominet Board reports indicate total new .uk registrations in August & September of last year of around the 140k a month level.

.scot is making some progress and it will be interesting to see how this develops – we did notice that the Scottish Government now have their very own HMRC competitor Revenue Scotland at

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