UK leads world Ecommerce Sales

Well, sort of!

  • In absolute number terms we come in at #3 after China & the USA.

  • In % of all retail sales terms we are well ahead of the pack & in 2013 are the only country with a double digit number.

  • As per our graphic looking at the 10 top countries in total value terms and expressing this in per capita terms (population figures courtesy of  Worldometers) we again lead the world by quite a margin. Looking out in time based on these forecasts we are also likely to stay well ahead.

The Ecommerce figures come from eMarketer  who have also, for the first time produced all retail sales figures for the world and project these to grow from $21.2 trillion in 2013 to over $28 trillion in 2018.

On the Ecommerce figures we reckon that the top 3 countries contribute over 60% of the world figure and this is set to rise to nearly 66.6% by 2018.

With approaching 20% of the worlds population China currently contributes just under 30% of of the world Ecommerce sales and this is forecast to rise to over 40% by 2018. This is the only country in the top ten who are forecast to increase their shares. The US drops from 25% to 20% and we fall from 6.5% to 5%.

Perhaps our golden hour today will help to keep us ahead of the chasing pack.


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