Apple’s Food For Thought

As anticipated Apple will be holding what is billed to be a low key event announcing updates to their iPad and Mac ranges on Tuesday next week. As its on campus this again restricts the numbers involved

As ever an enigmatic invitation was communicated yesterday the long and short of which is …. unknown!

For further info on what the possible detail of the product updates might be professional Apple followers such as Apple Insider  & MacRumors attempt to spill the beans!

In other news that rather active small shareholder in Apple Carl Icahn (a mere 53 million shares so that’s over $5 billion) has come up with some calculations which value the shares in Apple at $203. Or as he says Sale: Apple Shares at half price as the header for his open letter to Tim Cook

He is pushing for increased share repurchases of course. Much more rather interesting detail within the letter on both existing and possible future product categories, devices and developments.

October 16 is World Food Day!

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