A tablet worth every penny – 7,900 of them

fire HD 6 & 7 spec - click to enlarge

Amazon are now shipping in the UK their starter fire tablet the Fire HD 6 which at the economy end of the scale is definitely worth considering.

In the US it comes in at the magic $99. So that’s a sort of, conversion rate of  £1.26 = £1.

The Wall Street Journal reckon it’s a $100 Tablet Worth Buying and did some basic comparisons with some of its competitors.

Over here Tesco’s Hudl 2 (with its larger 8.3″screen) is shipping from today (and is instore tomorrow) but is a bit more pricey at £129 or half that if you have plenty of Clubcard points to burn!

Over there Amazon have introduced a Kids Edition of the HD at $179

We’ll leave you with their video;

Sources: Amazon, Wall Street Journal

Disclosure: We have marketing affiliate arrangements with Amazon

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