Wales beats Cymru 6-1

Yesterday saw the first .wales and .cymru tranche of domains go live on the ever-expanding internet.

Compared to some we expect these domains to be of minority interest and .wales will likely far outstrip .cymru.

According to the 2011 Census the ONS report that of the 3.1 million population nearly 2/3 (66%) regard themselves as being Welsh. Welsh language speakers number some 562,000 (19%) of the resident population of 2.9 million.

Logically therefore we might expect the Wales / Cymru registrations to be about 4/1.

On a very quick look around yesterdays arrivals we spotted the following!

.wales .cymru
Assembly (redirect)
Bloc Bloc (redirect)
DailyPost (redirect) DailyPost (redirect)
Gwalia Gwalia (redirect)
Thinkorchard Thinkorchard
Walesonline (redirect) Walesonline (redirect)
WRU (redirect)


So, on the way we count, that looks like at this very early stage, 6/1 with the winner being The Orchard Media & Events Group

There also seem to be a few technical teething problems with this first tranche!

Whilst talking about Wales we were interested to see that recently uSwitch reckoned that, in country terms, they had the fastest broadband speeds in the UK at 5am being 22.5Mbps but that they also had the slowest speed come 9pm of 11.6Mbps. Hmmmmm

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