Time(x) for a truly Standalone Smartwatch

Timex have announced today the ability to preorder, iu the USA, their impressive Ironman ONE GPS  + smartwatch. It’s available for just under $400 including a one year cellular network connection / data service from AT&T.

It features:

  • Email-based wireless messaging
  • Find me alert (external location notifications)
  • GPS location tracking
  • MP3 player (Bluetooth connection)
  • Tracking of  speed, distance, and position
  • Water resistant to 50 metres

But of course the main attribute is its standalone ability with no requirement to have a separate smartphone in tow!

Availability is reckoned to be at the end of the summer.

It’s a Timex Qualcomm venture and so far no indication of battery life which someone has guessed will be a couple of days – which if true would, we think, make it viable for not only the sports market but for more general use with a bit of rebranding! How about the SSTwatch (Standalone Smart Timex).

No mention of any UK availability or pricing but we hope to report back on this in due course!

We’ll leave you with their video.


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