Dotscot’s birth, its pioneers and legacy

Dotscot launched the availability of its .scot domain names in the middle of last month  starting for all from September 23rd. In the meantime it has enabled 50 or so “Pioneers” to get going already and also is offering a free domain name to any child born in Scotland on launch day 15 July 2014.

One of the Pioneers is, almost unsurprisingly, arrising as a result of the just finished successful Commonwealth Games.

As an added bonus the dotscot registry has also just announced that it will also give a free domain name to any Scottish athlete who won a medal in the Glasgow 2014 games.  We think that might be over 50 numerically. They do say though that Kylie doesn’t qualify – not sure about Lulu though!

The list of some of the Pioneers they provided ran to 38 and a quick analysis (see below) shows that already just over 70% are in use. In such a short period of time (3 weeks) it is understandable that many of them are redirects (49%) and one has a holding page, but a very commendable 20% already have fully operational sites.

We did notice that there is an which possibly falls foul of ICANN’s rules about country code usage as .se is in use as a country code domain for Sweden. It’s also a short domain of less than three letters / numerals which certainly the other new UK community/geographic / city top level domain registries are not currently releasing ie .cymru .wales and .london.

Applications for domains should be made through any registrar who offer them – you might try calico who are one of the pioneers!

Dotscot pioneers
Holding Site No site
page Redirect found Better Together Scottish Enterprise Calico Ltd Scottish Enterprise Dunedin Links Electric Scotland Scottish Enterprise SCVO Scottish Enterprise SCVO icipia Limited Inverclyde radio Scottish Enterprise Scottish Enterprise Scottish Government Scottish Government Scottish Government Scottish Government Scottish Government Scottish Scouts SCVO Scottish Enterprise Scottish Enterprise Scottish Enterprise Silicon Glen Smart Compliance Ltd Smart Systems Scotland Scottish Enterprise Louisiana Scots SCVO Johnston Press Scottish Enterprise University of the Highlands and Islands Weber Shandwick Scottish Government Johnston Press World Wildlife Foundation Scotland Yes Scotland

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