All Entrepreneurs are Digital

Accenture  in conjunction with the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance  have undertaken some research using various streams including a survey amongst 1,000 entrepreneurs in the G20 countries undertaken by Harris Interactive in March and April this year with 51 coming from the UK and 164 from the USA.

The reports introductory words are:

“Young entrepreneurs are the driving force behind job creation in the G20 countries, powered by their relentless efforts to innovate and embrace digital technologies: social media, mobile computing, big data, cloud and ‘the internet of things’.

New Accenture research concludes that lifting existing barriers: digital skills shortage, logistics at scale, policy and regulation, access to local markets and access to finance, with the help of large companies and other bridgemakers, could help young entrepreneurs to create 10 million more youth jobs in G20 countries.”

We noticed in particular from the survey stream of the research the importance the UK (and US) young entrepreneurs placed on the collaboration with Social technologies, Customers and other SME’s.

The great extent definition is a “key partner for innovation” and the some extent “some experience of collaboration”

Much more in this interesting report which is downloadable here

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