Technology’s the canvas, code the paintbrush

As part of their Digital Revolution exhibition  the Barbican in London are including Google backed DEV ART which features art made with code.

“DevArt celebrates developers who use technology as their canvas and code as their paintbrush to make art that explores and challenges the creative and technical limits of code. With the Barbican, we commissioned three interactive artists to create pieces for Digital Revolution. Karsten Schmidt’s Co(de) Factory empowers anyone to be an artist with an online design tool that creates 3D digital sculptures that may be showcased in the exhibition. Zach Lieberman’s Play the World uses code to find musical notes from hundreds of live radio stations around the world.”

The exhibition runs (from July 3) until September 14 and from the surrounding promotions looks well worth a visit. Opening times are 11am – 8pm (10pm on Thursdays). Bookings

We’ll leave you with the exhibition launch video.

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