Shorter .UK Domains are Growing

We were delighted to hear from Nominet today that the new shorter sharper and sweeter NEW .uk registrations are going well with:

  • Over 100,000 new .uk shorter registrations in June (the new .uk shorter names were only available from the 10th of the month)
  • Over  a third (36%) of new .uk registrations in the last week have been new, unique registrations
  • Over 225,000 total .uk family new registrations in June

Nominet quite accurately say “June 2014 saw almost 225,000 new registrations across .uk,, and, second only to March 2000, when registrations nudged 250,000”.

Our retained figures as originally published for March 2000 show a little over 245k and of course didn’t really get going until 2004.

Whilst there may be a bit of a spike arising with the initial introduction of the new .uk. As there is a, sort of, installed base awaiting to be converted of some 10.5 million domains we are hopeful that a monthy figure around the 250k level could be achievable. This some say is around the level that ALL of  the currently released new gTLDs are achieving.

We do hope that Nominet will reinstate the previous transparency that existed when they published monthly detailed registration figures.

If anyone is interested we could get together our history as originally published by Nominet for the period covered by our graph in either or both pdf / excel file format.

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