Top Twenty Tech Future Brands

The Future Brand Index 2014 has recently been released.

In their words:

“To test our hypothesis about the difference between perception and financial performance of the Global Top 100 Companies by market capitalization, we surveyed 3,030 members of the informed public (consumers who are currently or were previously working in professional jobs) in 17 countries around the world (the USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, UAE, India, China, Thailand, Japan and Australia).

Respondents were asked questions about those companies based on FutureBrand’s proprietary brand strength model, as well as a series of other factors, and provided answers on a multiple choice and qualitative basis. This formed the basis of our quantitative analysis to develop a new ranking of the companies driven by strength of perception across 18 specific attributes within the dimensions of ‘purpose’ and ‘experience’.”

The financial performance criteria are sourced from PwC’s Global Top 100 Companies by Market Capitalisation 2014.

We have done our usual analysis’s of our (very widely defined Tech Sector and find that 6 of the top 10 overall are present with on a wider review of the top 100 22 being present just outside our top 20 are Qualcomm at 21 (overall position 87) and Comcast at 22 (overall 96).

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Much more in the full report which can be downloaded on registration.

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