ICANN 50 and Domain names for dummies

ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is in London town (at the Hilton London Metropole) this week celebrating it’s 50th public meeting with a pretty full schedule. involving over 300 events and 3,000 participants.

They even include in their Meeting guide (pdf) details of ICANN’s Expected standards of behaviour together with a more useful list of acronym definitions ranging from ALAC through gTLD to UDRP.

Surprisingly there is no entry for ATLAS the At Large Summit II  which is taking place at the same time and is considering, in particular, the further internationalisation of ICANN’s governance as it is intent on shedding its overtly US organisation in particular post Snowden’s revelations.

The main (Gold) sponsors of the wider conference are:

  • EURid
  • Microsoft
  • Nominet &

Nominet got a mini feather in its cap yesterday as Wales’ First Minister, Carwyn Jones, announced that the Welsh Government plans to begin a switch of its official internet address from .gov.uk to .cymru and .wales from next year. We wonder if this will be a precursor to .scot and .london getting similar endorsements.

EURid is offering at the conference free copies of  its publication “Domain names for dummies” which is also available as a download

Elsewhere there is a little spat (or as many wags have described it … a whine) concerning the new gTLD applications for .wine and .vin. Our cousins across la manche are not amused and foresee a possible attack on, in particular, their regional win names which are protected under international trade agreements and the  geographical indications (GIs) of products and brands.

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