A FirePhone for All

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UPDATE 8.15pm BST:

It’s here (or rather there from 25 July) – No UK mention yet. Some features:

  • Mayday button
  • Firefly scanning ability for over 100 million items & growing
  • Dynamic perspective (sort of 3D simulation)
  • Tilt scrolling
  • Much more

Pricing in US is $199 via AT&T for 32gb for 2 year contract we think (unlocked $649)

We will add much more tomorrow. Initially impressed.

Looks like in fact the Amazon / Jeff Bezos announcement today may in fact initially have only US availability as the rumour mill has AT&T as the sole US carrier and … discussions taking place with O2 and Vodafone over here.

Predictably much comment concerns the likelihood of low pricing including possibly free (or subsidised) carrier elements with Mashable saying “But Amazon doesn’t care about helping you keep in touch with friends; it cares about putting its industry-leading online retail store and services in your pocket and your hands almost 24/7.”

We don’t disagree but we think we can rely on Amazon to come up with some eye catching facilities apps or whatever like eg the Mayday button on their Kindle Fires which they recently told us “… the Mayday button is now the most popular way for Fire HDX customers to contact customer service, and the average response time is just 9.75 seconds.“ The button also is used for 75% of all customer contacts on the HDX.

So far we can’t find any details of any live streaming of the Seattle media event due at 10.30am PT which is 6.30pm BST.

There are of course numerous live bloggers prepping for the reveal and we noticed the following:

Pending our update shortly after the event we’ll leave you with the teaser video “ it’s a …, it’s a … it’s a…” We continue to hope it’s a FirePhone!

Disclosure: We have marketing affiliate arrangements with Amazon.

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