Keep an I on our Week, – Bicentennial edition

Our top three articles this week (dominated by the .uk launch) were:

  1. Shorter Sharper Sweeter & we are the Smallest .uk
  2. Featuring Facebook and Twitter for all
  3. Handy Vessyl Sails on

Our Tech Rich List for 2014 continues to be popular. and Peeks Vision  still attracts many eyes!

The new .uk registrations on day 1 (June 10) numbered over 50,000 and Nominet said  ” … making this one of the fastest selling new domain releases on record, and beating the first day sales for all of the current batch of new generic Top Level Domains by a large margin.”

Amongst the brands registering on day 1 were:

The 200th picture of course refers to Lords Cricket grounds bicentenary.

They have a 3D timeline dating back to … 1814!

Click for the full 200 years

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