The Handy Vessyl Sails on

Rather than explain what it does/doesn’t do we thought we’d simply summarise most of the FAQ’s on Vessyl‘s site which, pretty much explains it all plus of course the ubiquitous video.

You can prorder it now (both in the US {currently $109 incl shipping} & Internationally {currently $117 incl shipping but excluding local duties/taxes etc}.Envisaged shipment date is early 2015

  • Can it  detect the brand of what I drink?
  • How does it help:
  • (a) me lose weight?
  • (b) me stay hydrated?
  • (c)me stay sharp (caffeine)?
  • (d) me build muscle?
  • (e) me sleep better?
  • (f) me regulate sugar?
  • How do I charge it?
  • How long does a charge last?
  • How much liquid can it hold?
  • Can I charge while there is a drink in it?
  • How do you clean it?
  • Is the non-stick coating inside it toxic once it starts to wear down?
  • Can I link multiple Vessyls to one phone?
  • Can I link it to multiple phones?
  • Does it count liquid when I wash it?
  • Can my it handle boiling water/tea/coffee?
  • Can I put it in the fridge?
  • Is it spill-proof?
  • Are there any wires involved?
  • Is there ANY change in taste due to the technology or inner surface?
  • Does it work for alcohol?
  • Does the display on it stay on all the time?
  • What’s the gesture it recognises?
  • Is it Scratchproof?
  • Is it Water-resistant?
  • Can it detect for Yogurt/Smoothies/Milk Shakes/Etc..
  • Does it drain my phone’s battery?
  • What languages does it support?
  • On which mobile operating systems/smartphones/devices does its app work?
  • Do I need a smartphone for it to work?
  • Can I choose what color I want for it?

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