Sweeter, shorter and definitely the smallest

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By & large the online coverage of Nominet’s launch of .uk has been positive we believe.

Our wordcloud (courtesy Wordle) is of the top 5 articles (mainly technical publications) on a Google news search on “Nominet” and probably convey the desired coverage. We’ve ordered it alphabetically and only included the top 100 words and no figures.

And shorter!

Elsewhere we see that an owner of one of the 36 (a-z and 0-9) 4 digit .uk domains (x.uk) believes his maybe worth £10 million. We certainly hope so!

That got us wondering how many of the 36 had actually already registered their new .uk domain. The answer, a little earlier this morning, was an impressive 18 as follows:

  • 7 by a UK investing company
  • 5 by a US investing company
  • 5 by UK companies
  • 1 by a non uk individual

At this early stage the status of them is:

  • 8 had no redirect or web presence
  • 7 have holding pages of one form or another
  • 2 have a redirect to an existing website (including ourselves i.uk and x.uk)
  • 1 has a website under construction (5.uk)

If anything approaching anywhere near 50% of existing rights holders to the new .uk domains take them up within the first year or so Nominet,we imagine, would be exceptionally happy!

and definitely the smallest

Now on to the question of the smallest 4 digit .uk domain.

We remain convinced from our extensive research that we have these bragging rights. Our main competitors we believe are L and 1.

From our internet browser a comparison (somewhat enlarged) is we believe conclusive.

A while ago we did compare many typefaces and we, certainly, on the more popular ones in general usage, concluded that the “i” had it! We now conclude the “i” has it!

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