Shorter Sharper Sweeter and we are the Smallest .uk

Shorter sharper and now sweeter are Nominet‘s tag lines, so as to speak, for the launch of .uk today heralded by an impressively large sign on the flight path to and from Heathrow viewable from 35,000 feet greeting all who pass by with a resounding

It apparently is:

  • 10,000 square feet in size
  •  bigger than the Hollywood sign in California
  • the equivalent of four tennis courts at Wimbledon
  • the length of more than five double-decker buses.

In our selection (modified with an n and a .uk) from Nominet’s promotional pictures we were pleased to see that cricket is being played and we reckon by inspection (of the area) that the sign could accommodate a cricket square with the equivalent of  around 15 pitches!

Amongst the first to, not only sign up to the new .uk (converting incidentally from a .com) but also to get it up and running on day 1 is that very British celebrity Stephen Fry. He amongst other comments eulogises that he can now save three key strokes! Allegedly there is a little terminological inexactitude in his post (Three strokes and you’re out) but we forgive him unreservedly for his support of the all new .uk.

Click to check your domain rights

For our part we will be exercising our right (as we encourage all eligible owners to do) to the smallest .uk in the near future. So please return for updates on our plans!

Already registered on day 1 are:


Our hosting company have had hundreds of registrations today we hope Nominet start reporting numbers again.

A mini critique, ‘cos by & large we like the launch promotion, it is slightly England-centric and we wondered if they might consider duplicating the signs at Edinburgh Cardiff & Belfast airports!

We’ll leave you with Nominet’s video and Eleanor Bradley’s (Nominet COO) slightly windswept words concerning the launch.

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