Featuring Facebook and Twitter for all

Not to mention Google talk.

U2opia Mobile provides this service via its Fonetwish product using Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) protocol to allow unsmart phones to connect to specific internet services such as Twitter and Facebook tailored for small screen and text-only functionality.

It’s available in seven languages Albanian. Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Malay, and Swahili.

As the majority of mobiles around the world are less than smart there certainly is a big market for this offering and they appear to be doing rather well.

Founded by two Indian entrepreneurs Sumesh Menon and Ankit Nautiyal in 2010 they already claim over 20 million users in 36 countries around the globe. As an example of the potential in India alone, out of the 900 million-plus mobile subscribers, 550 million can access Fonetwish services.

U2opia the company has its roots with Sumesh’s favourite rock band!

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