Lift off for the FirePhone on June 18?

Amazon have announced a “ launch event” by its CEO and founder Jeff Bezos to be held in its home town of Seattle on June 18.

The announcement on its site has some hints in the questions asked of developers to get an invite such as:

  • Which app(s) have you developed?
  • Describe an innovative way in which you have used gyroscopes, accelerometers, or other device sensors in your app development.
  • Are you interested in developing apps utilizing a new type of sensor?
  • Do you have machine learning experience? Please describe.

Also the launch picture looks like the back of a …

Most commentators think it will be a smartphone with added features including a 3D interface involving  multiple cameras.

We rather like the FirePhone name we have just penned & trust it will be adopted by Mr Bezos.

Hopefully the event will be live streamed and we will return to comment come June 18/19 or if you are in Seattle or nearby you can apply for an invitation here

The teaser video has comments like “That is awesome” “It moved with me” “How does it do that?” and “WOW”

See or rather listen for yourself!

Disclosure: We have marketing affiliate arrangements with Amazon

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