Global Mobile Subscriptions to overtake World Population next year

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According to Ericsson’s Q1 2014 Mobility Report (pdf)

Mobile Subscriptions reached 6.8 billion in the quarter and are growing at around 7% a year and 2% quarter on quarter. World population growth is estimated at over 1% pa currently and per Worldometers we currently number 7.24 billion.

Looking at Ericsson’s regional breakdown of subscriptions it looks to us as if India lags the world in terms of subscriptions per 100 population at around 65 compared to the global figure of 93.

This, sort of correlates, to our previous comments about internet connectivity as mentioned yesterday.  Africa on a regional basis is second lowest at around 75.

Latin America looks as if it might top the table at well over 150.

We’ll leave you with Ericsson’s video.

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