Satellites and Drones and White Spaces

… are possibly the 21st Century version of Trains and Boats and Planes!

Many articles are appearing following the Wall Street Journals exclusive on Google possibly spending $1 billion on satellites to compliment Project Loon. O3B Networks are also allegedly involved.

At the other end of the spectrum so as to speak the Microsoft 4Africa Initiative have been undertaking, comparatively quietly, a project in Kenya aimed at bringing the internet to millions at minimal cost by utilising the spare unused frequencies between broadcast channels (white space).

Bringing the internet to all often concentrates on Africa (and its 58 countries), with its land mass where the internet is unavailable to many. In the overall numbers game Africa’s total population is circa 1.1 billion of which nearly 40% live in South Africa Egypt and Nigeria which have at least some internet structure and availability.

As we have mentioned before nearly 2/3 of the unconnected world are in Asia.

We’ll leave you with Microsoft’s video about their Kenyan venture.


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