Over 90% of Brits regard email privacy as paramount

The Joseph Rowantree Reform Trust  have just released the results of a survey on Privacy and personal data (pdf) undertaken recently for them by Ipsos MORI.

The headlines seem to concentrate on the Internet browser privacy result  but in fact in the context of the 14 categories polled it comes in at # 10 and it is clear that email content tops the internet related privacy concerns.

If solely the top “Essential” classification is considered Internet browsing remains at # 10 (34%) but Email content moves up to 4th equal (44%) with Financial records staying at the the top with 64%.

This importance is, sort of, reinforced by concerns surrounding the extent to which we are not confident of the web based email service providers protection of our personal information.

Much more in the post Snowden era in their survey on related privacy concerns.

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