State of the Internet

Mary Meeker  a partner of  Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and ex Morgan Stanley analyst has released her slides of yesterdays presentation at the Code Conference in California.

Whilst numbering 164 in total we strongly recommend a complete viewing as there are many noteworthy exhibits including, we thought in particular, comparisons of the difference between the dotcom boom and the situation today, together with the impact of mobile technology and devices.

(Optional pdf version of the slides)

Whilst much of the research relates to the USA many global perspectives are included together with  macro economic data such as comparative GDP stats for China, Europe, India, USA and Latin America since 1820!

We rather liked her “One More Thing(s)” line and even the Appendix with the fascinating immigration analysis showing that “60% of Top 25 tech companies (by market capitalisation) Founded by 1st and 2nd Second Generation Americans” and that these companies have more than 1.2 million employees is an eye opener. Her definition of Tech companies looks to be remarkably in synch with our own wide interpretation!

Incidentally following yesterdays announcement by Apple  that they are acquiring Beats Music & Beats Electronics for $3 billion there is a rather nice live blog over at Gigaom (scroll to the end for the beginning!)  of Eddy Cue (Apple’s Senior VP of Internet Software and Services) and Jimmy Iovine (co founder of Beats) appearance at this conference to explain the acquisition ending with the comment “…I’ll be really surprised if we see Jimmy Iovine speak on behalf of Apple too often in the future.”

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