Peek at TED

A little under a year ago we did a post on Peek Vision entitled Peek’s Vision!

A co-founder Andrew Bastawrous now a “.. TED Fellow, showcased the potential of Peek in an inspirational talk at this year’s official TED conference in Vancouver” in March.

The cost of the hardware now looks to be around $500 and the add on clip/adaptor for the smartphone to enable examination of the retina looks to be remarkably cheap (helped by a 3D printer) with a cost of $5.

He says “… smartphone apps and hardware … make it possible to test anyone in any language at any age” and we would add virtually anywhere.

It’s “… extremely important to share data in non medical jargon that people understand … to show carers and teachers what the visual world is like.”

The man on the bike does catch the smartphone incidentally which you can view in the most impressive video of the TED talk.


  1. Ben says:

    Great project
    How can I buy the complete kit

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