Internet Matters say the Four Main Providers  was launched today. “The not-for-profit organisation sees the ‘big four’ put aside competition and join forces for the first time, to help parents safely navigate the internet with their children.

The move will cement the UK’s position as a world-leader on child internet safety, advising parents to ‘learn about it, talk about it, deal with it’.”

The site is well ordered (site/brand review from Creative Review)  and their “ISSUES” menu really says it all:

So in the light of the above they recommend that parents “TAKE ACTION

There are the ubiquitous Facebook (InternetMatters)   and Twitter (@IM_org) presences:

Here’s the mother & daughter team  Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Janet Ellis’s launching video with additional inputs from Carolyn Bunting, General Manager of Internet Matters.

Over at their YouTube Channel (internetmatters) Messrs Cameron (2.26) “There is nothing more important than the safety of our children” and Milliband (0.34) “… Internet Matters. I think it will make a real difference.” also add their support.

It’s here to stay, and hopefully will be a heavily supported and widely used resource.

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