Brand dot UK

Nominet are in the process of introducing a new brand mark and identity as part of their promotion of the new .uk which becomes available from 10 June.

It also has extended usage to their whole family of domains and a brand Identity guide has been made available (pdf)

Just in case you missed it the right side of the “K” is of course the sharing symbol.

We rather like the brand concept, and the mark itself, and wholly support all promotional activities associated with the .uk launch by Nominet. The more the merrier. Whilst almost inevitably some of the associated words go over the top we thought the Registers comments were excessively negative and unwarranted.

There’s also a video which we were disappointed to see was “unlisted” and are sure this is simply an error by Nominet as it’s all for sharing so as to speak.

We’ll leave you with a combination of Brands which whilst usually somewhat fraught we thought in this instance worked rather well!

In case you missed their News Release earlier this month Lesley Cowley, Nominet’s CEO will be leaving them on July 9 after 15 years with them.

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