75% of kids are NOT addicted to the Internet

“Do you sometimes think you are addicted to the Internet – Yes or No?” was the question posed by Family Kids and Youth (FK&Y) {a full service social and market research agency} at the behest of the  Tablets for Schools charity who claim that they are  commissioners of the largest independent research programme in the world on how tablets impact learning and attainment.

We think, that of the total sample of the 11 to 17 year-olds of 3,482, only 2,228 responded ie 64% or less than two thirds. So arguably only 25% “SOMETIMES THOUGHT” they were addicted to the internet! (Our highlighting)

The headlines generated by the report of course do tend to be … “Four in 10 children are addicted to the internet

We think that the internet. for millenials including 11-17 year olds,  is an important and positive part of their life and always has been. One could say it’s the current equivalent of that other last generation device the TV,  and we would argue it is far more beneficial!

Moving on we thought their gender analysis was interesting.

On the “addicts” analysis the top 5 areas  total the same for boys  and girls  at 81% but major differences are for girls + 19% on socialising/social networking, compensated by -17% on gaming!

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“Sample & Methodology

This survey was sent to nine secondary schools which have been using one-to-one Tablets for over a year and are taking part in the Tablets for Schools research programme. The survey was completed online between 13 -22 January 2014. In total over 3,500 responses were received (total 3,557) from pupils aged 11-18 (49% girls and 51% boys). 2% of the sample were aged 18, and for the purposes of analysis have been removed from the sample. One school was in Scotland, the remaining eight schools were spread across England, from Northumberland in the north-east, to Cornwall in the south-west, Essex and Kent in the south-east and Bath in the west.”


  1. Beth Hitchenor says:

    Thank you for your interest in the Tablets For Schools report: ‘Do young people sometimes feel they are addicted to the internet?’ . We can confirm that the statement ’61% do not think they are sometimes addicted to the internet’ is correctly calculated against the base number of young people who answered the question ‘do you sometimes think you are addicted to the Internet?) (base no: 2,228).
    However, thank you for querying this.
    Beth Hitchenor, Family Kids and Youth

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