Socially Backward Brits

YouGov  have discovered that we Brits lag behind our US counterparts on the engagement front. Socially the gap on their chosen measures is greatest on “Constantly seeking out for opportunities to learn new things and develop skills” where the gap is 23%.

A redeeming feature which doesn’t appear on the graphic is that we lead on “using LinkedIn for professional networking”. We’re ahead by a whole 9% (UK 69% v’s US 60%).

Ian Neale, Associate Director at YouGov, says: ‘People in the US and UK have different attitudes towards their careers. The American approach is very much in keeping with their “up-and-at-’em” ethos while the British way is much more in keeping with a more reserved character. While it is debatable which path is best, it seems unarguable that Americans are far superior at harnessing the power of social media to benefit their careers and professionals in the UK could learn a lot from them. British employees’ use LinkedIn is a good starting point but they need to learn how to turn this into hard benefits for their work lives.’  

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