Amazon sales Greater than total UK internet sales in 2013

There has been recent comment following Internet Retailer’s look at the market indicating, inter alia, that  Wal-Mart’s online sales were growing faster than Amazon‘s.

Everything is relative of course and we would point out that the INCREASE in Amazon’s sales in 2013 was $11.4 billion which is greater than Wal-Mart’s TOTAL sales in 2013 of $10.3 billion. In fact only Apple at $18.3 billion were ahead of this increase!

In the top 10 (from a rather nice interactive graphic from the Wall Street Journal) we calculate that Amazon represented more than 50% of the $132 billion total.

Elsewhere it has been reported that Tesco is copying Amazon / Apple by setting up a, sort of, competing ecosystem with its HUDL tablet & soon to follow HUDL? smartphone.

We thought a very rough comparison of the GB internet annual sales with Amazon’s might again give us and you some overall perspective and conclude, from the ONS annual figures we collated from 2007, that allowing a billion or so $’s for Northern Ireland Amazon are still way ahead of the UK by about $10 billion!

FX rate: $1.696 = £1

Disclosure: We have Marketing Affiliate arrangements with Amazon

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