Both Tablet Growth, and PC Decline Slow, but Should Crossover This Year

The premier global provider of market intelligence in the technology sector IDC yesterday, came out with their tablet shipment estimate for the first quarter of 2014 which at 50.4 million units was a bit lower than the other two estimates released so far. It shows we reckon a 3.7% increase year on year although they calculate it at 3.9%!

The top 5 are predictable but we wonder if Amazon with their Kindle Fires could now get up to around the 2 million a quarter level outside the year end holiday festivus.

Digitimes are already forecasting quarter 2 to show growth of nearly 5% over Q1 reaching over 61 million units which would be the second highest quarter in history. Interestingly they estimate white box shipments to have been 20.4 million units (35% of their total) in Q1 and reckon this could rise to 23.3 million in Q2 which would be a Q on Q increase of 14.4% indicating that their growth continues to outstrip branded tablets.

Whilst our view that tablet shipments might outstrip PCs in the last quarter of 2013 failed to materialise we reckon it will now definitely happen this year!

Our header graphic relies entirely on IDC data.

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