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The “Dash” has appeared!

Amazonfresh  their, somewhat embryonic, US based (Seattle, San Francisco & Los Angeles areas only at present) food store delivery service announced the (limited) availability of this new device last week. It’s by invitation only following application.

The trial we think is only available to Amazon Prime Fresh members (who subscribe to an annual membership fee costing  $299 – the standard prime membership is now $99). Prime Fresh membership is currently available only in the Southern California and San Francisco, CA Metro areas. It sort of gives you the usual prime membership benefits plus free (next day) grocery delivery on orders over $35 ish.

Following the introduction of the TV set top streaming box last week the Fire TV with “voice search” this is the next device including this ability. In addition to the voice search for items it also has a scanning function for barcodes.

As ever via your WI-fi setup the device transfers your spoken and scanned items in this case to your amazonfresh account which can then be edited and submitted for order from your desktop/laptop or mobile app.

Seems to make a lot of sense to us although it does, sort of, introduce yet another remote to the household.

Here’s their promo video.


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