Global Music streaming subscriptions average $40

IFPI  the voice of the recording industry worldwide who  represent the interests of 1,300 record companies from across the globe have just produced their music sales reports for 2013.

To get an overall perspective the total market has contracted by some 3.9% in value terms compared with 2012 but this is entirely due to the Japanese market which is still being disrupted. Excluding Japan we reckon the rest of this world basically flatlined. Europe is the largest world regional market with just under 36% of the world market.

In format terms Digital still trails physical but continues to grow (4.3% in 2013) but at a slower rate than in the earlier part of this decade when it was running at double digit levels.

Subscription streaming services are in revenue terms expanding at a remarkable rate and at $1.1 billion now  represent just shy of 20% of all digital revenues.

The average (paid) subscription per subscriber rose by 8.1% last year and is now just under the $40 (£24) level:

  • 2013 – $39.68
  • 2012 – $36.70
  • 2011 – $34.62
  • 2010 – $40.25

Much much more from IFPI particularly on the digital front

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