Keep an I on our Week, 25th edition

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. QR Codes for over 25 million 
  2. Desert Island Clicks, the Brits 
  3. Happy Birthday to the Mesh  www

It definitely has been a Happy Birthday for the web this week!

In other news our favourite violinist Lindsey Stirling not only made an appearance at SXSW but also has released a new video of Transcendence (orchestral version) from her first LP with some rather interesting accompanists from Paraguay.

She’s in the process of promoting her second LP “Shatter Me” which you can pre order and also get involved in many other ways over at Pledge Music. She’s also touring Europe again (a mere 26 concerts) in October / November with 2 in the UK (London & Manchester) and 1 in Ireland (Dublin).  

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