Desert Island Clicks – The Brits

Nominet (via Opinium) in connection with the 25th anniversary celebrations carried out some online polling of 2,001 (an appropriate number we thought) UK adults earlier this month

They were asked to choose their “Desert Island Clicks” and the results are as per our table.

The top 8 or so British Websites March 2014
Nominet  Alexa 
1 Facebook 24% 1
2 BBC 20% 2
3 Amazon 9% 3
4 Gmail 5% 4
5 Yahoo 5% 5
6 ? 6
7 ? 7
8 ? 8

For comparative purposes we’ve added Alexa’s current listing of their top 8 (from their top 500 UK sites) which represents actual clicks!

Nominet have a celebratory site re the anniversary at Story of the web where they are “…inviting web users to add their own milestones and predictions”.

Continuing with the Desert Island Discs theme the apparent Luxury Item / greatest benefit from the web chosen by us Brits was “Finding old friends”. Not sure what the book would have been – possibly one of the eight Harry Potter ones – kindle edition of course!

We were disappointed to see that Tim Berners-Lee had never been on the programme – surely a significant omission!

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