Happy Birthday to the (Mesh) www

So it’s 25 today and originally Tim Berners-Lee christened it the Mesh but subsequently defaulted to the World Wide Web.


This is an image from his original “Information Management: A Proposal” (our highlighting)

Yesterday in commemoration of its birth Martha Lane-Fox and a machine on loan from CERN known as the NeXT cube got together for a selfie!

The event took place at the Science Museum in London to whom we are indebted for our header graphic.

Allegedly the NeXT cube was the machine on which the web was designed. It is to become part of the Science Museums Information Age gallery  that is due to open in September this year.

The somewhat torn sticker of CERNS originally said “This machine is a server DO NOT POWER IT DOWN” We’re not sure if its been on for 25 years or not!

We’ll leave you with a quote from Martha Lane-Fox’s speech in the House of Lords earlier this year leading a debate on the birthday of the web.

“The web has immense power – I find something remarkable and inspiring every day but I agree with Sir Tim that we need to talk about the web we want. We need to pause for breath, perhaps be more self consciously aware of the next 25 years. We are sleepwalking into assuming that the platform underpinning so much of our daily life isn’t changing.”

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