Imagine Millions of Free Embedded Images

Getty Images  yesterday announced the availability of a large number of their images on an embedded basis for use onblogs and some social media platforms (twitter & tumblr)

Their words are:

“Share images on blogs and social media

Getty Images is leading the way in creating a more visual world. Our new embed feature makes it easy, legal and free for anybody to share our images on websites, blogs and social media platforms.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click an image’s embed icon (</>) from the search results or image detail page.
  2. In the embed window, copy the embed code.
  3. Paste the HTML code you copied into the source code of a website or blog where you want this image to appear.*
  4. Publish and share!

Search images available to embed

·       For full details on how embedded images may be used, please see our Terms of Use.”

We have done a little experimentation and would add:

  • Hover over the image to check if the embeddable icon is there, if not move on!
  • Click the image for both the social media & embed facilities.

As with YouTube social media images operate by way of a precomposed link.

This is an extract re usage from their terms of use.

“Embedded Viewer

Where enabled, you may embed Getty Images Content on a website, blog or social media platform using the embedded viewer (the “Embedded Viewer”). Not all Getty Images Content will be available for embedded use, and availability may change without notice. Getty Images reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove Getty Images Content from the Embedded Viewer. Upon request, you agree to take prompt action to stop using the Embedded Viewer and/or Getty Images Content. You may only use embedded Getty Images Content for editorial purposes (meaning relating to events that are newsworthy or of public interest). Embedded Getty Images Content may not be used: (a) for any commercial purpose (for example, in advertising, promotions or merchandising) or to suggest endorsement or sponsorship; (b) in violation of any stated restriction; (c) in a defamatory, pornographic or otherwise unlawful manner; or (d) outside of the context of the Embedded Viewer.

Getty Images (or third parties acting on its behalf) may collect data related to use of the Embedded Viewer and embedded Getty Images Content, and reserves the right to place advertisements in the Embedded Viewer or otherwise monetise its use without any compensation to you.”

Well done we say and even if, as other commentators have noted, it may lead Getty Images to include adverts at a later stage we have no objections.

One mini suggestion is that on their filtering search facility it would be nice to have embed, twitter and Tumblr categories!

We’ll leave you with an I image from their collection!

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