Streaming Sticks & the iPlayer

Roku  announced their Google Chromecast competitor the Streaming Stick TM earlier this week with a US price of $49 vs Google’s $35.

More importantly, for us over here, Roku are making their stick available in the UK from April. Whilst the $ conversion rate is unimpressive £49.99 is not wholly unrealistic if it performs as well as their existing offerings.

In our words it plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and needs power via a USB input either from a TV connection or via an AC adaptor. It’s basically controlled from a remote.

Roku say:

  • TV compatibility – HDTV’s only
  • 500+ entertainment channels
  • Built-in wireless
  • Plays up to 1080p HD video
  • Control with included remote or mobile devices (via free Roku app)
  • Send videos, photos and music stored locally on your smartphone to your TV via the Roku app
  • Dual-band wireless
  • Cast to TV direct from the Netflix and YouTube apps
  • Tiny stick. Big entertainment.

Roku say  they have over 8 million players streaming 1.7 billion hours of content in 2013 which they reckon translates into 13 hours per week per player which is quite a lot!

In the meantime the BBC have announced that BBC Three could well become a solely online broadcaster available via their iPlayer – maybe they will launch their own streaming stick the iPlayer for iPlayer! 

We’ll leave you with CNET’s instant reaction to the Streaming Stick – remember they are informing a US audience re content etc

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