Global sub-sea connectivity

A rather fascinating map, sponsored by Huawei Marine Ndetworks, from TeleGeography (a division of Primemetrica Inc) caught our eye (or I). It is an interactive and  regularly updated graphic of the sub-sea cables around the world

According to TeleGeography’s research Director Alan Mauldin in an interview with CNN “… for international communications, over 99% is delivered by undersea cables.” “75% of faults are due to external aggression — the majority through human activity such as fishing, and ship’s anchors. There are also geological factors such as sub-sea earthquakes and landslides, shifting tectonic plates and typhoons.

During the 2011 tsunami in Japan about half of their cables had outages, but the operators were able to reroute capacity to other routes, so Japan held up very well.”

There’s another graphic an interactive global internet exchange map   which warrants some attention. They also have a more limited 2014 version  compiled with the support of Mobily which has been used as the backdrop for the full interview between Alan Maudlin & CNN .

We’ll leave you with Trinity Aniumation’s video of the sub-sea cable laying process from which we borrowed our header graphic.

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