Kickstarter – Thanks a BILLION

Looks like it’s going to be a week of billions!

Yesterday it was the billionaires and today it’s the  US crowdfunding company Kickstarter reaching the not insignificant landmark of having received $1 billion in pledges from a total of 5.7 million participants. We reckon that means an average of $175.

“The 5,708,578 people who have backed a Kickstarter project come from 224 countries and territories, and all seven continents.”

Having started in April 2009 they moved to promote UK projects from  October 201 and since then have expanded into Canada (September 2013) followed by Australia and New Zealand (November 2013).

The overall breakdown by country of funding (as opposed to projects) is USA 66.3% UK 5.4% Canada 4.4% Australia 3.2% Germany 2.2% France 1% and Japan Sweden the Netherlands and Singapore all at 0.7%.

You can have a tour round their interactive map of all the 224 countries and discover that they had, inter alia, 11 backers from Antarctica and  7 from the Falkland Islands but apparently none from South Georgia and the Arctic is not present!

To date 58 projects have raised over $1 million probably the largest & best known is probably Pebble the wearable company and our favourite internet of things products company Smarthings

A remarkable success story for both the concept and a huge number of the projects funded.

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