Tech Billionaires List 2014

One of the first of this years listings comes from the  Hurun Report and first appeared at the end of last month. It ranges from Bill Gates at #1 to Vadim Moskovich at # 1,867.  He occupies this position based on the alphabetical ordering of his given name as there were 132 just scraping in at the $1.0 billion level.

On our rather wide Technology definition (suitably caveated as our analysis has been of a somewhat cursory nature) we have identified 166 in our listing ranging from Bill Gates to Yuji Otsuka in this case the last of our 8 with a mere $1 billion. Interesting to see the comparatively new arrival of Brian Acton of Whatsapp at #50!

At a parochial level James Dyson who collects a Technology categorisation from Hurun comes in as the top UK tech billionaire at number 39 (overall ranking # 352).

At a really parochial level we were impressed to see that, whilst outside our sector, a couple of local boys had made good with both Peter Hargreaves and Stephen Lansdown figuring at #’s 892 and 848 with $2.1 and $2.2 billion respectively.

The Top 50 Tech follows and the whole 166 are detailed in pdf format (Hurun Global Tech 2014)  for your perusal

We’ve simply numbered our rankings with no equals, simply reverting to a given name alpaberica basis. If we have unintentionally insulted anybody we apologise unreservedly!

The complete listing can be obtained from the Hurun Report site.


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