Keep an I on our Week, Chocoholic Tablets edition

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. Combining 19th & 21st Century Technologies  
  2. There’s Strength / Shakti in numbers
  3. It’s  25 and the www is AAA rated

So  Nestle via their KiKat multi pack bars are offering an (unsurprisingly) android Nexus 7 tablet as the major prize with Google Play credits (£5) as the secondary offering.

On the other hand Mars via their Galaxy bars are offering not a Samsung Galaxy tablet but a Kindle Ereader at the primary level with an e book at the secondary level

To date having consumed many of these offerings we have simply one £5 Google Play  credit and many pounds to show for our efforts!

As it’s St David’s day we’ll leave you with Karl Kenkins Ademius

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