Free Global Internet from Outernet

Well maybe!

Outernet have an ambitious project with incubating funding from MDIF (Media Development Investment fund) a New York based not for profit organisation who “… invests in independent media around the world providing the news, information and debate that people need to build free, thriving societies.”

“Although Outernet’s near-term goal is to provide the entire world with broadcast data, the long-term vision includes the addition of two-way Internet access for everyone. For free.”

The concept in our words is to get hundreds of CubeSats  (mini 10x10x10 centimetre satellites) in low earth orbit which receive streams of data from ground stations and then rebroadcast it eventually world wide via long distance wifi.

We’ve seen it described as the modern version of shortwave radio broadcast from space.

You can get as deeply involved as you want from, joining their forum discussions through simply receiving updates to directly supporting them by contributing in various ways.

We shall watch with interest.

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